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VRA Profits Continue to Roll In. + 510% Net Gains in Last Two Months & 1900% Total in Last Two Years

Aug 27, 2015

Without question, these last couple of weeks have been incredibly difficult for the average investor, both here and globally. Most emerging markets have losses of 30% to 50% off of their annual highs, and in the US, we've just experienced our first "true correction" in 4 1/2 years, with the major indices falling more than 10% from their peaks (anything over 10% is considered a correction, with anything over 20% considered a bear market).

BTW, market corrections are not only healthy, but they are actually REQUIRED, in order for a bull market to continue it's advance (a point that few "TV guru's" is making). The fact that we went 4 1/2 years without one is off the charts amazing...in fact, it's an all time record.

We've been much more fortunate here at the VRA, as we've been able to navigate the highs/lows well, which has allowed us to continue putting up market smashing returns. Over the last two months, as most stocks were beginning to fade quickly, we have recorded net profits of 510%.

During this time, we've had a total of 10 trades (buys/sells..closed out positions), and our record is 9-1. This puts our industry leading total at more than 1900% in net gains over the last two years.

As I tweeted on Thursday, "anyone that was able to come out of this market insanity with their portfolio intact should feel great about themselves...as this makes you the truly smart money." Now, the key is keeping our heads screwed on straight with our eye on the prize. It's quite likely that the worst may be over, but folks, trust me when I tell you that this recovery will almost certainly NOT be straight up. Take a look at the following 1 year chart for the S&P 500. Talk about ugly...this is what a chart looks like when you drop 1100 points within an hour of the open on the Dow and 225 points on the S&P 500.

So, what are we to make of this chart? Well, I can tell you right away that I HIGHLY doubt we are headed back to fresh highs anytime soon. Keep these levels in mind; Dow Jones: 17,790 & S&P 500: 2075

These levels are where the 200 day moving average of both indices reside, and there's one thing I can pretty much guarantee you; once we start to approach these levels again, you can bet your bottom dollar that the shorts are going to come out in full force (not to mention the 50 dma as well...something I will alert you on in future updates). 

Bottom line: in order to get back over the 200 dma, we need additional gains of more than 7%...and it won't be easy. Only then, will technical analysts like myself be willing to flash the "all clear" sign for a healthy bull market. So yes...it's pins and needles time until then for Mr. Market.




VRA Update: Yellen's Test - Frankenstein is Hungry

Yellen's Test

It's hard for me to be more clear about this then I've been. We will have much MORE QE in our future. Why there's this talk about raising rates is little more than a farce. 

If Yellen and her team of "can't shoot straight monetary gangsta's" moves forward and increases rates by even just .25%...in THIS environment...then all bets will be off for global equities/global economies. And yes, that means that the likelihood of a crash would then become very, very real. 

Bottom line: the world looks to the US for "real" leadership. I was never a fan of QE in the first place...having only written 1000 articles against it over the years...but the FED made their decision to go for it, and in doing so, created a global economic Frankenstein. And, just as in the old horror tale, this Frankenstein will seek to kill its master as well, should the beast fail to be fed.

The FED's the one that decided "this is WAR"...and that "all was fair"...now, they must see their original battle plan through, come hell or high water. Then, they have to hope like crazy that their long term plan to reinflate the economy will actually work. I'm in the camp that says "no way it works"...but I'm also in the camp that says "the worst case scenario is still 1-2 years away".

PREDICTION: we will avoid both an economic and stock market crash...for now...and Yellen will not raise rates until next year at the soonest. 


Like Japan of the 80's, today's China has been shown to be much less of a global economic threat to US dominance than previously thought. As I've said, the US will lead the way out of this mess...and we should expect US stock prices to bottom first...followed by a major recovery move higher in China.

I DO NOT expect China to go through a near 30 year recession...which is what Japan experienced once their 80's "power move" failed. The demographics and economic futures of Japan 1980's v China today are just completely different...as in, VERY few parallels.

Overnight, China failed to move higher for the 6th straight day (losses of roughly 1.5%), but here in the states, US Dow futures show us opening 200 points higher. We saw 450 points disappear quickly yesterday, so anything is possible...but I remain optimistic.

If the world's about to crash, why is gold down another $3/oz this am...and why is oil a bit higher? If the shorts aren't asking themselves these questions...well, maybe they should.

You saw the sentiment indicators yesterday...as negative as ever (which is a reverse indicator of course, and a positive for markets). Assuming that the markets can stabilize, the short covering move higher could be pretty stunning.

Then, with an overnight ramp higher in China (which I fully expect!), we could see US markets rally big time once again...and guess what that might do? All of a sudden, the "TV guru's" will be saying that this looks like yet ANOTHER V BOTTOM in US stocks...and man, would the shorts ever be in trouble then (just as we're taking profits "again" and looking to reverse course).

Finally, the VRA now has net gains on closed out positions for the past 2 years of more than 1900%...and yes, this makes us #1...by far....again.







VRA Update (Aug 18, 2015)

At the risk of sounding “emotional” (because emotions and money have no business even being in the same room together), this continues to feel like a market that wants to go lower. It also feels like volatility is about to begin a slow boil…

As I said in yesterday’s communiqué, a brewing storm looks to be on the horizon. At this point, the VRA Trading & Investing System is indicating that the coming pullback and volatility will be just that…a pullback…but once these things get underway, the downside pressure could “absolutely” take over.

Before I get into more specifics, please take a few minutes to read the following from Market Watch news and Mark Hulbert Research, which is the most accurate “sentiment” research on the planet…as you can see, it has become decidedly bearish. As you read this, you’ll recognize many of the points being made, as Hulbert’s research makes clear exactly what I have been reporting over the last week or so…namely, that the stock markets internal readings and its “new highs/new lows” are anything but healthy.



(MarketWatch) -- Investors who are giving the bull market in stocks the benefit of the doubt are playing with fire. That's because the bear market's warning signals have created a situation as vulnerable to the slightest spark as a parched desert.

The latest warning comes from the so-called High-Low Logic Index. That well-regarded indicator was created by Norman Fosback in 1979, then the president of the Institute for Econometric Research, and currently editor of Fosback's Fund Forecaster. The index represents the lesser of two numbers from the New York Stock Exchange: new 52-week highs and new 52-week lows (both expressed as a percentage of total issues traded).

The indicator, therefore, is a measure of internal market divergences. In his investment textbook "Stock Market Logic," Fosback reasoned: "Under normal conditions, either a substantial number of stocks establish new annual highs or a large number set new lows -- but not both. ... A healthy market requires some semblance of internal uniformity." 

By this measure, the current stock market is anything but healthy. The 10-week moving average of weekly readings recently rose to 5.7%, well above the level that many researchers use as the threshold for a "sell" signal. (Fosback, for example, set this threshold at 5%, considering readings above that level as evidence of "extreme market divergence and ... bearish." The threshold employed by Ned Davis Research, the Venice, Florida-based research firm, is 4.4%.)

Why hasn't this dangerously lofty level of the High Low Logic Index received more attention? There are at least two reasons.

The first: The index has a better track record over longer, rather than shorter, spans, and its signals can be premature. Prior to the 2007-2009 bear market, for example, which began in October, the High Low Logic Index breached the 5 threshold in late July. So it's possible that some of the bulls are worried about the High Low Logic Index but are waiting for confirmation from other indicators before pulling some of their chips off the table.

The other reason that some are ignoring these latest warnings is that the index gave a number of false signals in 2013. As you can see from the accompanying chart, in fact, it rose to near 6 in the summer of 2013. (I wrote a column reporting its dangerously high level in August of that year (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/dangerous-divergences-unseen-since-2007-2013-08-21).) Needless to say, the bull market didn't soon come to an end. 

You'll also notice from the chart that the High Low Logic Index rose to an even higher level at the end of last year -- hitting 6.9 in late December. It's too early to know whether that, too, will prove to be a false signal, though I would note that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is lower today than it was then. 

One adviser who is particularly worried about the message of the High Low Logic Index is Doug Ramsey, CEO of The Leuthold Group. He points out that, unlike the situation that prevailed on the occasion of those false signals a couple of years ago, this time around there also is extreme divergence in the Nasdaq market, in particular.

In fact, Ramsey reports that a Nasdaq-only version of the High Low Logic Index just rose above its "sell" threshold for the first time since 2007. I need not remind you what happened at that time.


China – Still a Worry and WALMART Disappoints

As you can see, this indicator is incredibly respected, although it’s timing may not always be spot on. In this case, the news from overnight and this morning might help to speed up the selling pressure. 

China’s markets were hit hard overnight once again, with losses on both the Shanghai and Shenzen over 6-7%. It’s clear that the downside pressure in China is not over…this is bad news for global markets and for the rest of the world’s economic growth.


Then, just minutes ago, Walmart reported earnings and they were less than comforting, with revenues missing by more than $1 billion and EPS off by 2-3% from expectations. Folks, Walmart RARELY misses their estimates…that’s because they know how to play the “sell-side analysts quarterly earnings game” and they spoon feed pretty much the exact forecasts that they want the analysts to report.

Here’s why this is a bigger deal than is being reported; for Wally World to miss, this tells me that the final 2-4 weeks of the quarter was VERY weak…doesn’t bode well for the coming 3rd quarter, and quite possibly, even the 4th. Walmart’s down 3% as I type... 

However, at the same time, we just got earnings from Home Depot and they were VERY positive…HD’s shares are up 1.7% as I type. And housing starts are coming back for certain. However, is this just an end of cycle move higher??

It’s exactly this kind of domestic economic uncertainty that has investors spooked.




You know my thinking here…the miners have hit bottom and should be bought…of course, I feel the same way about gold/silver as well.

In fact, we have some pretty good company in the gold bull camp. Investing heavyweight Stanley Druckenmiller just bought more than $300 million worth of our favorite yellow metal and it now makes up more than 20% of his entire portfolio. He joins a list of smart money investors plowing into gold that is growing faster than we can keep track. 



I’ll have more on this later….I’m running down all of my top experts on this now…but the latest rumor to hit is that the FED will NOT raise rates in September, and that it will be December at the soonest. Should the FED announce this, we can expect a rather decent “relief rally”.

Finally (for now), the longer the Dow, Russell 2000 and Transports stays under their 200 day moving average, the more negative we should become on the overall market. We’re at close to 3 weeks on the Dow, and along with the other concerns I have laid out here, this ones a biggie. This is not how bull markets act…


I fully expect volatility to return as we move forward…especially in the always interesting September/October “crash friendly” months.


Until next time, thanks again for reading….





VRA Update: The Perma Bears Are Out AGAIN! 

Beginning this week, I have started to see all of those same perma-bears calling for ’The Big One”…the global stock market crash that they have been predicting for years. 

Once again, they will be proven wrong. Here’s how I know this to be the case; VERY FEW experts ever see a "big one" coming…in fact, in my entire career, I have yet to see more than 1-2 people get this kind of prediction right. Let that sink in….because right now, all of those same “little boys that cry wolf” are calling for THE BIG ONE.
Folks, crashes are called a crash because they tend to catch almost everyone off-guard. That just ain’t the case right now….
As to China, I have just finished reading some incredibly interesting analysis by the IMF (intl. monetary fund) on the recent moves out of China, and the devaluing of their currency. Turns out…and this is pretty big guys and girls…that this is EXACTLY what the IMF and World Bank had been recommending China to actually do.
Why? Well, in order for China’s Yuan to be included as a so-called "world's reserve currency", they have been advised that they MUST join in with the rest of the planet, and they must weaken their currency.
Having said that, I STILL want to see a selling climax before taking aggressive action on the long side. Ideally, that would mean a Monday morning major sell-off….on big volume. THAT would be “seeing the whites of their eyes”. Also, we just haven’t reached big time oversold levels yet…as crazy as that may seem.
Finally, and this is pretty compelling….as of this week, 56% of all S&P 500 stocks are already in correction territory, with more than half of these down over 20% from their recent highs. The current sell-off isn’t actually new….and it may well be entering its final phase soon.
I want to act…I see 2-3 really interesting opportunities, but not quite ready to catch a falling knife. This does feel like lower prices need to occur first…the question is, how much lower?

This Market Feels Different - Not in a Good Way. Plus, One Last Email 

(From Thursday's VRA Update). Good Thursday afternoon all. As I type, the markets have taken another turn for the worse, with the Dow off close to 100 points,  joining the S&P 500 in the .50% loss range for the day. Most of this week it's been the tech heavy NASDAQ that's been hit hard....following disappointing earnings numbers from the biggies, like Microsoft, Apple and United Technologies. Now, the rest of the market looks like it wants to play catch-up on the downside...but so far, the losses are moderate and contained. 

It's a very good thing that we took profits this week...while we may not be making money on the decline right now, we were able to get out of several positions at the top...now, we have fresh powder and can act at the perfect time, either way (notice I didn't say that we can take action at a "good" time...we'll wait until it is the "perfect" time, before we act next).

While the overall economic picture continues to be muddled, the recovery is still happening...but boy, is it ever happening at a slow pace. How Janet Yellen and her FED still plan on raising rates is a mystery to many...including me. The biggest and most costly mistake that the FED could make would be raising rates this fall/winter...if even by just .25%...and then having to turn right around and do a 180 by dropping rates again as the economy heads back into recession. In fact, it's exactly this kind of mistake that would cause people to lose complete faith in the FED's ability to micromanage the economy...which of course is exactly what they have been doing since the 2008 crisis kicked off.


Again, thanks for your continued emails and phone calls....I love sharing in your successes. This will probably be the last that I include for the week, but like our "vacation" email from earlier, I had to share this one as well...we'll call it the "We fired our broker" email (edited for size).

"Kip, I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just say this; our broker did not like your challenge. You told us earlier that if our broker did not believe in active portfolio management, that we should show them VRA results and compare to theirs. Since my wife and I had losses of close to 5% at ---- (firm's name removed), while just this year your total profits are over 500%...well, you can probably imagine how he handled it. After telling us all of the reasons we needed to use a professional, he told us some pretty lame story about his long term track record and making sure people "did not lose money". Kip, we are too young to be that conservative. We really need to make money, so that we can retire in style! We let him down easily, but we also moved all that money to our ---- account (firm's name removed). We love your work and look forward to everything you write. PLEASE keep up the great work! T&E F, Oregon."

T&E, thanks very much for your email. I feel for today's financial advisors...their hands are tied to a large degree and I know from talking to enough of them that their incomes have been slashed over the years. Most are good people and well-inentioned...but they simply aren't able to really help their clients...not like we used to...and certainly not if their clients want to beat the markets by a wide margin. Their firms view this as "too aggressive, and a risk to the firm"...which is just sad. I'm here for one reason....I have it out for Mr. Market, and I want to bash his head in on a daily basis! By doing this, VRA Subscribers have a shot at some pretty amazing returns...as we've seen for a while now.

Consider the following 8 trades...these are all of our buys/sells, since June 29th:

SPXU: +4%

UPRO: +10%

SPY Puts: +100%

ASHR Calls: +94%

SPY Puts: +62%

ASHR Calls: +48%

SPY Calls: +55%

ASHR: +15%

8 Trades since 6/29, with a total gain of 388% (average return of 48.5% per trade)

Knock on wood...I know...trust me, the last thing we want to do is piss off the "investment gods". But all ego aside, this is called "bashing Mr. Markets head in"...and it's the only game plan that I have an interest in. 



The one position that has moved higher since selling it has been our Chinese ETF, and while I know better than to look in the rear view mirror, it's never fun leaving money on the table. ASHR (Chinese "300 A Share" ETF) is trading at $44.25, or roughly $1.50/share higher than where we took profits (don't ask about ASHR calls...they're a full 24% higher). But, that's ok...just know that I'm watching it closely...we absolutely want to be involved for the vast majority of the big move higher thats coming in China.

I've just learned that two of the best macro money managers of our time (Ray Dalio and Bill Ackman) have turned bearish on Chinese stocks. This is significant because they had been two of the biggest China bulls around...making big money from Chinese equities on the way up. In their view, the recent actions out of China could signal an economic top as well as an investment top...and that the move lower going forward could be significant. 

While I remain long term bullish on China, it's difficult for me to argue with these two guys. They aren't like 99% of the talking heads that you'll see on CNBC. These two manage LOTS of smart money, and when they are of the same mind on a single investment story, we would be fools not to pay attention to what they are saying...and we're not fools...so we will be paying attention.


Of course, this past week has been hard on all commodities, not just gold and silver (which continue to look like they want to go lower still, at least for the very short term). Quietly, oil has now dropped to a fresh two month low, and for the first time in a long time is trading below $49/barrel...with a last trade of $48.70.

Below is the 1 year chart for USO, the Oil ETF that investors use to trade the commodity itself, and the same one that we have used in the past (along with UWTI, which is the 3 x Bullish ETF for Oil)

I've made notes in the chart, and have drawn a blue line at that most important support level from this past March, which we are just 4% above today. There's nothing at all to like about this chart folks...oil looks very much to me like it wants to trade lower, however, like every other major commodity, it's very oversold right now...which you can see from the stochastics area in this chart as well. IF we get a bounce, it could be a very short term one...

I don't have a recommendation either way here...at least not right now...just know that it's one of about 25 key charts that I am following right now. 

Final Point: With the collapse in commodities...the recent mini-crash in China...and now, the NASDAQ and broader markets getting hit pretty hard, in combination they just may be telling us that something "different" is going on here. I don't know exactly what that "different" may be at this point, but whether its another global recession, or just the summer blues, there's not a lot to be optimistic about.

And certainly, the reasons for the FED to raise rates appear to be dropping like flies. Let's hope they are paying attention. Until next time, thanks again for reading...Stay Vertical!