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As covered on this weeks VRA Call (link at end of update) it is now clear that the FED cannot raise rates and that the global currency war just moved to DEFCON 3. And…for the time being…the stock market will continue to ramp higher. 

VRA PredictionWednesday’s decision by the Federal Reserve NOT to raise interest rates has provided us with THE blueprint to exactly how our financial system will come crashing down. Market watchers will refer back to the events of the last 60 days, and in hindsight, will point to the FED’s actions during this period as a “hat tip” to the economic carnage that would come to pass in the weeks and months to come. 

Folks…what I am laying out for you here is not journalistic hyperbole. Everything that I have witnessed over the last 30 years has led me to the conclusion that we now discovering exactly how the end game begins…and yes…it has begun.

Stay with me as I was I walk you through these recent events, along with why the FED’s decision yesterday not to raise interest rates in the near future will lead to this eventuality. What I am reporting here is not being reported anywhere else, at least as far as I know, but everything that I see points to the conclusion that I have come to

One: Over the last 60 days, the US Dollar (USD) has soared in value, when compared to every major global currency. This 20% plus move higher in the USD (versus a basket of weighted foreign currencies) was the single most dramatic move in the history of currency markets, and I believe an indication of exactly what is about to come. Remember, the currency markets are the largest and most liquid markets on the planet, so these kinds of historic swings were unheard of in the past.

Two: The move higher in the USD picked up serious steam following the employment report for February (reported on 3/6). Following this report, the markets “hunch” became the markets “certainty”…namely, that the FED would announce that yes, they in fact would raise interest rates in the near future…most likely in June. But…wait a minute.

Three: What transpired after the February employment report proceeded to scare the sh*t out of Janet Yellen, the FED, and Central Banks and bankers all over the world. The sheer power of the unprecedented move higher in the USD caught them completely off guard…sending shockwaves through the markets.

Four: Everything culminated in Wednesdays (in)action by the FED. Instead of raising rates for the first time in 9 years, the FED backed off completely…even indicating that it may be well into the second half of 2015 before they considered doing so.

The Quadrillion $ Question: If the FED cannot increase interest rates in the US by just .25% (that’s one quarter of one percent)…again, for the first time in 9 years…without the USD skyrocketing in value so dramatically that it throws the entire world into turmoil, then what’s going to happen when the FED is “forced” to raise interest rates in order to head off rising inflationary pressures?

Getting the picture now??

Folks, we’ve just been granted a sneak preview of the systemic turbulence that’s headed our way. It’s crystal clear (to me, at least) that this is how the end game will begin. The FED is now caught between a very large rock and an even harder place. They cannot increase rates without damaging the economy (which an ultra strong USD would certainly do, as our exports become too expensive). 

However, in the very near future they will come face to face with the reality of currency inflation, which we already see showing up in 8.3% m2 money flow statistics…which will VERY quickly evolve into price inflation. Once that Genie is out of the bottle, Janet Yellen’s FED will have very few (if any) tools to deal with runaway currency strength.  

And yes…for those that are wondering…this is the exact situation that causes precious metals to skyrocket in value…even while the USD ramps higher at the same time. History will tell us very clearly that the global currency war led to the greatest bull market in the history of precious metals. 

Bottom line: For now, nothing has changed in my forecasting. The stock market has quite a bit of room to run before we get to DEFCON 1. The VRA Trading & Investing System continues to target a 20-30% move higher in the overall market, between now and the end of 2016. But now, we have the early indicator for a major market reversal that I have been looking for…we’re just not there yet…so let’s make money on the upside while it’s there to be made.

Significant Move Higher in Precious Metals and the Markets

As I have been writing, the dramatic move higher in the USD was overdone…and by a long shot. The FED’s decision caused the USD to tank, and foreign currencies like the Euro to make a very important recovery.

Just as the machines and robots can force markets to one extreme, their reversal of positions then causes a violent move in the counter direction…and this is exactly what we saw in yesterday’s action. 

Only time will tell if the FED has the power to stabilize the action in the currency markets, because if not, we are likely looking at the cause for the next black swan event. 

Finally (for now), overnight I ran every screen that the VRA Trading and Investing System uses, and assuming that the FED can “control” USD strength, we should see a final bottom in the oil markets within the next 30-45 days (or less). The massive amount of QE, currency inflation and equity manipulation globally is causing huge moves higher in global equity markets…most specifically in China. Remember this most important point; from 2009 – 2014, China was responsible for more than 50% of ALL commodity demand globally. This is an incredible fact, especially when you consider that China has just 15% of the worlds population. Assuming that China’s stock market move to multi-year highs is telegraphing an acceleration in Chinese GDP, the coming recovery in oil prices could be fast and parabolic.

**For those that have an interest in beating the markets, year in and year out, along with details on exactly how the VRA produced returns of more than 1200% over the last 15 months, contact us at: verticalresearch@mindspring.com

We will give you the details on how you can save 88% off of the annual VRA Subscription rate, and participate in massive gains that we have uncovered in the coming days and weeks.

Here’s the link to this weeks VRA Call:



Until next time, thanks again for reading…

Kip Herriage

Publisher/Editor VRA (est. 2003)


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VRA Update: What EVERYONE Should Know About the Federal Reserve

 “I strongly oppose an audit of the FED”

FED Chair Janet Yellen, to Congress (last week).

Well…I am imagine that you do Janet…just as a child opposes parental oversight.  

If you’ve followed my work for any length of time at all, you know that I’m not a big fan of Central Banks, especially the biggest and baddest of them all, The US Federal Reserve System, or the “FED” as its most commonly referred to. The FED has had one primary mandate since inception in 1913, and that mandate is to protect the value of our currency, the US dollar. Of course, they have failed miserably at this one job and here’s the proof. If you had put one million US dollars in a safe deposit box in 1913, you would have lost a full 97% in purchasing power today…with a present day value of just $40,000. Instead, had you placed that $1 million into gold at roughly $19/ounce (1913 price), today you would have in excess of $70 million!

Nothing I could ever say can make the case against the FED more clearly than this example…and it’s also the reason the middle class has been destroyed. Currency inflation is the destruction of the value of our money due to the printing press…and it’s only getting worse.

The good news is that there are simple, yet incredibly powerful ways to profit from the FED’s madness. These are the exact strategies that I lay out in the VRA on a regular basis, and continuing to dollar cost average into precious metals is something that anyone and everyone can do. Got Gold and Silver?? You’ll be glad you own them in the years to come.

Most Americans assume the FED is a powerful government institution that seeks only to safeguard the dollar, boost the economy and drive employment higher.

That's what the FED wants you to think.

The illusion of the Fed as a stabilizing, positive government entity has more or less existed since its creation under dubious circumstances in 1913.

"It not only avoided the word bank, it cleverly implied federal, or government, control over the establishment of a pool of reserves that would backstop the new banking 'system.

Congress has played along the entire time, first by approving the legislation that created this beast and later by endowing the Fed with its "dual mandate" to combat both inflation and unemployment.

The real reasons the Fed was created, and many of the things it does to this day, would shock many Americans.

Michael Snyder writes on his website, The Economic Collapse, the Five Shocking Facts About the Federal Reserve

           1. It's Not Really Part of the Government    Few people realize that the Federal Reserve didn't even exist until about 100 years ago. It was cooked up by the top Wall Street bankers of the time in a secret meeting on an island in Georgia (A book about it is actually titled "The Creature of Jekyll Island", by our friend G. Edward Griffin). 
The bankers wanted a central bank partnered with the government to serve as a backstop for their institutions, which then were prone to panics and bank runs. 
The 12 regional banks that make up the FED are not owned by the U.S. Treasury, but by the nation's private banks. According to Factcheck.org, "about 38% of the nation's more than 8,000 banks are members of the [Federal Reserve] System, and thus own the Fed banks."

           2. The Federal Reserve's Primary Purpose is to Serve the Banks   While the stated purpose of the Federal Reserve is its congressional "dual mandate," in practice serving the needs of the big banks still comes first.
"Central banks - of which the Federal Reserve is, by far, the world's largest and most powerful - serve banks first and foremost. Secondly, they serve their host governments.  They are the ultimate tool of the rich and powerful."

       During the years of the financial crisis, for example, in addition to the well-publicized bailouts, the Fed made $16 trillion in little-known loans to more than a dozen big banks. 
According to a Government Accountability Office document, some of the major beneficiaries included Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C), which received $2.513 trillion in loans; Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), $2.041 trillion; Merrill Lynch, $1.949 trillion; Bank of America (NYSE: BOA), $1.344 trillion; Bear Stearns, $853 billion; Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), $814 billion; and JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), $391 billion.

As usual, Wall Street and the Big Banks were bailed out….with NOTHING for Main Street!

          3. The Federal Reserve is Paying Big Banks Billions in Interest

       To fund its massive quantitative easing (QE) program, the Fed has encouraged banks to deposit excess reserves in the Fed's accounts. The big banks have been more than happy to comply, as they get paid interest on any money they park at the Fed. Last year, the Fed paid out about $5 billion in interest to the big banks; Bloomberg News has estimated that the annual payments to the banks could soar as high as $77 billion a year by 2015, depending on how much interest rates rise by then.

           4. The Fed Has Destroyed the Dollar The Federal Reserve has utterly failed in one of its mandates - to manage interest rates to control inflation.  Since its creation in 1913, inflation in the U.S. has eaten away 97% of the value of the dollar. So the same item that cost $100 in 1913 would cost nearly $2,300 today. And the problem has grown worse over time; the dollar has lost 83% of its value just since 1970. Since the financial crisis, the Fed has accelerated the process with inflation-fueling policies like QE and zero interest rates.

           5. The Federal Reserve Enables Government's Profligate Spending Washington could never have accumulated its $16.85 trillion national debt - which in recent years has grown at a rate of more than $1 trillion a year - without the help of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is essentially the mechanism through which federal debt is created and monetized, making it easy for the government to spend trillions of dollars beyond what it collects in taxes.  It's little wonder that Washington looks the other way when the Fed is giving special treatment to the big banks.

The good news is that there are simple, yet incredibly powerful ways to profit from the FED’s madness. These are the exact strategies that I lay out in the VRA on a regular basis, and continuing to dollar cost average into precious metals is something that anyone and everyone can do. Got Gold and Silver?? You’ll be glad you own them in the years to come.

It’s time to audit the FED! I encourage everyone to support Rand Paul’s Audit the FED legislation. Rand’s father, Ron Paul (Texas legend), began pushing for this MANY years ago, and now his son has proudly picked up the mantle. 

Until next time, thanks again for reading…

Kip Herriage


@kherriage (twitter)



The Cartels - Real Life Matrix

Starting at 6 am each morning I look over my investing notes and the latest indicators from the VRA Trading and Investing System. This morning, my notes reminded me that 2015 is a “pre-election year” and that historically, this year is the strongest of all or the stock market. It’s just one of about ten primary reasons that I have been so bullish on stocks.

This also reminded me that yes…next year we have a Presidential election. While I’m a conservative at heart, I am also 100% independent. And yes…Republicans are every bit as messed up as Democrats.

THE CARTELS – Same Song Second Verse 

Sure, Republicans will "act" different from Dems…and they will parrot the conservative party line to a naïve public…but at the end of the day we have a government controlled by the most powerful of special interests, and whether Republican or Democrat, it is the Global Cartels of the world that rule (just about) everything.

Be it the Financial Cartel (the most sinister and powerful), the Military Cartel (always the most aggressive and deadly), the Energy Cartel (the source of massive, multi-decade, U.S. destroying wealth transfers), the Media Cartel (controlling/brainwashing the public) or the Drug Cartel (both legal and illegal), these cartels work hand-in-hand, functioning as a shadow government, to manipulate and control the masses. 

With this knowledge, we can view the events of the day entirely differently from the mainstream lemmings…helping us to make informed and correct decisions, based in the truth and outside of this real-life matrix. Understanding this is an important key to making great decisions.

No…it's not always easy being a member of the "informed minority", and in fact, can be more than just a little uncomfortable when putting your plans into place. However, once you begin to examine life by asking questions like; "Qui Bono?" (who benefits) and you begin to "Follow the Money" when looking for the truth, your search will become much simpler. I know mine has…. 

Make it a great day…

Kip Herriage

@kherriage (Twitter)






Given Up On the Stock Market? Most Have - And That's a BIG Retirement Mistake

While close to 70% of the public has sworn off investing in stocks, contrarians are riding stocks to record highs. My job is to show you how to beat Wall Street at its own game...and it's really not hard when you know the game better than they do.  

The question you need to ask yourself is; "will I be able to retire if I choose NOT to invest in stocks?"

From February 12, 2014 to today (2/18/15), the VRA has produced total gains of +1234% (net of losses).  This means that an investment of $10,000 would be worth roughly $123,400…in one years time…had you followed the VRA’s Buy and Sell Recommendations.

And yes, this makes the VRA the #1 Investment Newsletter in the country.

As good as this number may be…it’s also the past. And I know what you know…all that matters from this point on are the profits that we make in the future.


How Did We Achieve These Returns…and More Importantly, How Do We Repeat Them in 2015 and Beyond

Capitalizing on the VRA - A Breakdown of the Statistics: 

Since 2/12/14 there have been 22 trades in total, with 16 winners and 6 losers; for a success rate of 72% (this success rate “should” have been 82%...keep reading for the reason why) 

The 16 profitable trades produced a total return of 1526%, for an average profit of 95.37% per position.

Here’s the explanation of why the VRA success rate should have been 82% (instead of 72%), along with another 400% + in gains.

There were two truly frustrating trades during this time frame. Trades that turned major profits into losses – a situation that will never be allowed to take place again at the VRA.

For example, not once, but TWICE, we had gains of more than 100% in NUGT calls…only to have them expire when the miners fell like a knife through hot butter in the second half of 2014.

Frustrating trade #2. We had a gain of more than 280% in Yahoo Calls…then the stock market fell close to 10% in a month, taking tech stocks down hard with it. Our Yahoo calls expired as well.

I “re-learned” a most valuable lesson from these two nightmare trades…I only wish for all of our sake that I had adopted the following policy to begin with; when we achieve a 100% profit in a trade, we sell half of the position and lock in the gain. Then, we are investing with house money…and regardless of what happens, we cannot lose…as we have removed our initial investment.  The VRA will NEVER make this mistake again…as evidenced by our recent trades in RUSL (3 x Russia ETF) and RUSL Calls, where we booked 420% in total gains in under a month.


POINT ONE: VRA Subscribers should take special note of the benefits of investing in stock options. Some of our biggest gains came from options trades, and going forward, this will likely continue to be the case. This is the personality of the stock market today, and smart money investors are taking this exact action.

If you have never invested using options…or if you have either failed at it, or simply don’t fully understand it, let me break it down for you as simply as I can. In today’s volatile and ever changing investment environment, options investing is a near requirement for achieving huge, market beating returns.

In addition, the VRA Trading and Investing System thrives in the exact investment environment that we are in now, making options a most powerful friend of ours. 

POINT TWO: I have written extensively about the VRA Trading and Investing System, and I encourage you to go back through the VRA Archived Updates (in your Members Section) to get a better idea of exactly what it is and how it works. Bottom line; over my 30 years as an investor and financial analyst I have fine-tuned everything that I have learned…both from fundamental and technical analysis…and combined this with the benefit of having actually done this for 30 years. There’s no replacement for the knowledge that comes from experience…three decades of it…especially when that experience comes from every side of the industry/profession (15 years ON Wall Street combined with 15 years OFF Wall Street). 

Make no mistake about it…the VRA Trading and Investing System is an extension of everything I’ve learned over my 30 years. I don’t issue a Buy Rec or a Sell Rec without using it, and maybe most importantly…as they say…the proofs in the pudding.

If you’ve been with the VRA for a while, you know the only thing that really matters…the VRA T&I System works. 

Now…let’s get back to investing using options. 


First, know that when it comes to options, I keep things very, very simple.

I only use options in two ways. I either recommend “call options” or I recommend “put options”. That’s it…nothing elaborate or complicated. 

Options investing gives investors a great deal of leverage. For a much smaller amount of money than would normally be the case, we can invest in options and have the potential for much larger gains than from using stocks alone (assuming we invested the same amount of money in stocks). 

And, like stocks, you can only lose what you invest…and nothing more (don’t confuse “options” with “futures”…in futures, you can lose much more than you invest).

Investing using options (buying calls or puts) is really no different than investing in stocks. The mechanics are the same…buy low and sell high. 

Here’s EXACTLY how the VRA invests with options (calls and puts); 

Call Options: If I believe that a particular stock or ETF (exchange traded fund) is going to go UP in price, I may recommend that you buy Calls on that particular investment.  That’s it…I told you it was simple.

Again, just like stocks, we want to “buy low and sell high”, so our goal is to buy Calls low…and then sell them at a higher price…when its time to take profits.

That’s it…if you make it any more complicated than this, then you aren’t following the VRA method of options investing. 

Put Options: Puts are just the opposite of Calls. If I believe that a particular investment will go DOWN in price, I may recommend the purchase of Put Options. Again, our goal is to buy the Puts when they are cheap, and then sell them when we are ready to take profits.

And remember, with every VRA options recommendation, I will tell you exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell…along with the strategy behind the idea. 

Finally, opening an Options Account is a simple process. Simply login to your Brokerage Account…or pick up the phone and call them…and start the process. It’s painless and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

When opening your options account, remember this most important point. All you want to do is; Buy Calls and Buy Puts…and of course sell them when we are ready to take profits. There will be several different “options approvals” that your brokerage firm will offer you, and you only need to select the FIRST option they make available to you; this is a BASIC options account…and you will never need anything beyond this.

This last year provided VRA Subscribers with the opportunity for outstanding profits. This VRA Update…as much as any update I have issued…will help to ensure that you are perfectly positioned to repeat these gains going forward.

Until next time, thanks again for reading.






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Massive European Bailout On The Way & Dow 24,000?? 

Will Greece and Lehman Brothers Share the Same Fate??

As I tweeted (@kherriage) last week, letting Greece leave the eurozone would be like the FED allowing Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt in September, 2008...oh wait...that actually happened (and we know the economic carnage that followed).

While recognizing that anything is possible, I've been on record for the last couple of years as saying that there is little to no chance that Greece will leave the eurozone...or what is being widely referred to as a "Grexit" (Greek exit).

I can list lots of incredibly important reasons why this could become a black swan event…like: Portugal would be the next country to leave (followed by Italy and Spain)...or the nightmare reality of a $350 billion Greek sovereign debt default (80% owned by other European banks), and yes, the memory of the global panic that followed Lehman's bankruptcy.

But there is one primary reason why Greece will remain one of 19 European members that commonly use one currency…the Euro.

That reason? If Greece were to leave the eurozone, it would equate to failure of the MUCH bigger picture...our global puppet masters primary goal of “one world government” and in conjunction of course, a single global currency. This is the long game...we're talking 10-20-30 years out...and the loss of Greece to the EZ would change that narrative a great deal. And yes, I know that this puts me in the minority. In fact, many of my best sources firmly believe that the Euro will fail, as both a currency and as a concept.

Here's a parallel that will explain my position further. It was June 2012, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts...a Republican appointee no less (Bush 1)...was to cast the deciding vote on the legal legitimacy of Obamacare. Conservatives were beyond convinced that Roberts would vote in their favor, and that Obamacare would come to an end. Of course, we know the end result...

Here's what I said about Roberts vote at the time:

“As we listened to the media pundits and their educated guess that Obamacare would lose at the Supreme Court level today...because that is what the majority had predicted would happen...that little voice inside my head continued to scream "big government always wins in the end...the fix is in...Obamacare is here to stay...and it won't stop here."

Those "conspiracy theorists" that believe that the New World Order is taking over...and that this is part of their grand master plan...look pretty damn smart today. Trust me, the conspiracy theorists are not surprised...and you can count me among this group as well. Folks, we aren't becoming Europe...we ARE Europe!” 

I believe, even more strongly today, that the long term one-worlders have zero interest in deviating from their master plan...meaning they cannot afford to let Greece leave the EZ. A Grexit would easily set them back by a decade or longer (especially if Greece were to succeed economically after leaving)…just not an option in their eyes.

In addition, remember my update of February 2nd. As first reported here at the VRA, an epic battle is now underway…one that Pres. Obama has since confirmed…and the full weight of his Administration and central banks globally is being brought to bear on the world’s top leaders. They now understand fully that they MUST embark on aggressive easy money policies, or there will be a very large price to pay.

Going forward, I fully expect to see that Greece (followed by other EZ countries) will receive both debt flexibility and debt forgiveness…whatever it takes in order to win the central banks financial war against “their version of deflation"…something that we know the truth about…banks require significant "monetary velocity" in order to continue with their ponzi scheme.

This is exactly how currency inflation eventually takes over…leading to what can only result in rampant hyperinflation. 

And remember this most important point; Greece needs just $60 billion or so in the short term…a drop in the bucket for a combined EZ GDP of nearly $13 trillion.

The VRA Core Portfolio has been recommending Greek investments and if we are given the opportunity we will be adding additional positions (both stocks and options). 

BTW, this new Greek Prime Minister has some big brass ones. Alexis Tsipras has been “telling” Germany that they will need to compensate Greece for Nazi war reparations…have fun with that one Germany. 


As I’ve been saying, the size of the move higher…before this bull market is over…could be FAR greater than 99% of the investing public has any clue 

I make this prediction with a fair amount of trepidation…a major black swan event could easily knock the market 10-20% (or more) lower in the blink of an eye. But frankly, that’s one of the reasons for my optimism with stocks…the vast majority of people are nervous and out of the market.

Here are the reasons I have been bullish…while 70% of the investing public has been bearish:

One: Bull markets don’t end until the public is fully invested. Then, once the majority believes that stocks cannot fall…that’s when the rug is pulled from beneath their feet. And right now, stock ownership by the public is much closer to the all time lows than vice versa…

Two: With global QE still very much in play, along with ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), and NIRP (negative interest rate policy), central banks around the world are essentially forcing investors to buy stocks…there’s nowhere else to put your money, in the hopes of making a decent return and the ability to EVER retire.

Three: As extensive VRA research/commentary has made clear, once the FED starts to raise interest rates, history tells us that instead of falling, stocks actually RISE in price (until the 3rd rate increase…on average). And of course, we aren’t there yet…no rate increases.

Four: DON’T FIGHT THE TAPE AND DON’T FIGHT THE FED…the most important paradigm of investing. 

I see very few…if any…supposed Wall Street guru’s discussing the four points above. Again…the minority/contrarian view is almost always the correct view.

Finally, in every major bull market that I have seen or studied, the top is marked by what is referred to as the “blow-off stage”. This is the final leg higher, and is met with investor euphoria and ramping stock prices. Think back to 2000 and you’ll know what I am talking about. We are nowhere close to this environment…

Let me repeat…the world is full of black swan possibilities. But unless we see one rear its ugly head, the path of least resistance…just based on the four facts I’ve explained here, is higher…and potentially, quite a bit higher.

For the Dow to hit 24,000, it would mean a move higher of 33% from today’s levels (18,000 currently). You’ll see pretty much no one else discussing this possibility…another reason that it’s likely to happen.

Finally (for now), oil prices continue to stabilize and move higher. The volatility will continue to be crazy, but the trend higher should also be maintained. If we get another significant pullback we will look to add to our new position in energy…via stocks, options and ETF’s. 

As of now, my target for oil is $100+ in less than 14 months. We will make a fortune here 

Until next time, thanks again for reading.


Vraletter.com (est. 2003)