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Twitter: @kherriage

Twitter: @kherriage

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1500% Gains In 18 Months - Here’s What Happens Next

1500% Gains In 18 Months - Here’s What Happens Next

1558% to be exact…this is the “net” gain of all Buy/Sell VRA Recommendations since the beginning of 2014. If another investment advisory has done better, we have yet to find it (every buy/sell documented).

Regardless of how busy you may be, take a few minutes to read THIS update. It is that important. Even if you don’t subscribe to the VRA, following my "4 Point Investment Outline" will help to ensure you are on the right track...because I have yet to meet anyone over the last 30 years that wanted to have “less" money. 

Bottom line: over the next 1-2 years, it's my strong belief that the points below WILL happen...

Everything You Read Next is Based on My 30 Years of Experience, Combined with VRA Trading & Investing System Analysis 

ONE: Stocks are going MUCH higher. I have been covering the reasons why for some time, but consider the following; a) Only 35% of the public is invested in stocks...conversely, bull markets end when everyone and their mother's Uber driver is giving out stock tips. b) Even IF interest rates begin to rise, they could actually double from here and stocks would still be cheap...where else is there to invest and get a decent return? c) With 3 major central banks using massive QE programs (Europe, China, Japan), and another 20 countries slashing rates, this flood of fiat currency will continue to find its way into stocks. No...stock prices will not go straight up (they never do) but I expect US markets to ramp up to 30% higher. This is a stock pickers environment...this is MY environment...and I am targeting gains of several thousand percent before a final top is in place (and yes, we will also make a fortune as the markets reverse course).

TWO: Are you positioned in the VRA Stock of the Century? I have followed it since the company was formed and know it extremely well. While no one can tell you exactly where its share price is headed, I can tell you that I am highly confident that it's going 1000% higher, minimum...(specifics for VRA Subscribers).

THREE: With interest rates in the US finally ready to begin moving higher...yes, for the first time in 9 years...the conditions are becoming perfect for the next major bull market in precious metals. My forecast is that this will be THE bull market for PM's. I may not be the smartest gold bug around (because I'm really not one), but VRA Subscribers have made several thousand percent in PM's and mining stocks since 2003, and we will have have you positioned extremely well as PM's zoom to levels that many cannot fathom today. 

FOUR: Buy Europe. Again, the ECB has just gotten underway with their $1.2 trillion in QE, and trust me...it will total $2 trillion + by the time they are done. European stocks are still well off their highs (as opposed to here in the US), but just as with US QE, European stocks have huge amounts of liquidity coming their way.  As the VRA also predicted (to the exact day), the dollar has topped out versus the Euro, and this will add even more leverage to our gains. 

FINALLY...as I said earlier...nothing goes straight up, and it will take some work to beat the last 18 mo’s 1500% + in gains, but with the VRA Trading & Investing System and 30 years of unmatched experience, my goals are set even higher. When the markets get too overheated, we will take profits and then use the VIX Index (fear index), put options and ETF's to hedge ourselves, as well as make further profits. 

I've said this many times over the last year, but I have to say it again: this is the exact investment environment that the VRA was created for. We have one..."maybe" two years before the market tops out. We will have already booked massive profits...just as the public finally jumps back in with both feet.

Until next time, thanks again for reading...


PS: for those that are serious about investing, but have been hit hard in the past by Wall Street “experts”, ask us about the  “VRA Financial Recovery Program”, by emailing to: verticalresearch@mindspring.com  

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Kip Herriage

Founder/Publisher, VRA (est. 2003)
@kherriage (Twitter)

VRA Update: USD, Precious Metals and Miners On the Move - This is Why and What You Should Do

Make sure and pay attention to what is happening right now in the USD (US dollar) and precious metals (and overall market). We are entering a potential "cycle reversal"...the exact reversal that I have been writing about...and should the move confirm, you will want to make sure you are positioned for significant profits in the coming days and weeks.

Within an hour of the market open today, precious metals and the miners began to ramp higher. Within minutes, gold was up more than $20/oz, and silver up more than double that in percentage terms.

Gold is last quoted at $1204 (+2%) with silver at $16.40 (+3.8%).

Of course, the miners moves are accelerated...that's the beauty and beast of the leverage they provide...but this morning we get beauty, with GDX (mining ETF) up 3.8% at $20.10. The question is, will this finally be the move that takes precious metals and miners into bull market confirmed status?

The Answer May Arrive This Week

All eyes are of course on this weeks FED meeting, but the chart below is what the worlds best investors are watching most closely...the US Dollar.

Below is a one year chart of the USD (in blue), along with a one year chart of gold. As much as anything, this chart makes the strength in USD and corresponding weakness in gold, crystal clear.

BUT...take a closer look at the action over the last 45 days or so in the dollar. This is what I have focused on in recent updates, and if the pattern of "rolling over" in the USD continues, near record USD longs could quickly begin to reverse their positions. And yes...this continues to be my forecast.

The fundamentals for a massive move higher in precious metals and the miners have been in place for some time. We may find out this week that the price action finally confirms that the bull market is back.

Here's the chart...we can clearly see how the trend line in the USD is breaking down, along with a corresponding move higher in gold.

Until next time, thanks again for reading...


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VRA Alert: Make Sure You are Positioned - Major Cycle Reversal

Corporate earnings are coming in, and the early read for me is “surprisingly solid”. And remember folks, this is the quarter where a combination of bad weather and a strong US Dollar (USD) were supposed to hit companies and hit them hard.

There is one area where hits from a strong USD have been felt. Take a look at the following commodities since their 2011 highs…



Current Price

Recent High



Iron Ore










WTI Crude










Natural Gas





Brent Crude










Soy Beans






























Southern Pine Trees





Source: Thomson Reuters Datastream

What a “Falling” Dollar Could Mean for Commodities

Since July 2014, the value of the U.S. dollar has risen more than 25%. That's an incredible move for any currency. The rapidly rising dollar sent commodity prices falling just as fast...

The chart below shows the inverse relationship between the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index (that tracks 19 commodities) and the dollar. Since many commodities are denominated in dollars, the price of those commodities has fallen as the dollar has gained strength.

As I’ve written extensively, I am looking for a major move higher in precious metals…and we are well positioned here with our current positions. Remember, gold shorts are at an all time high.....Euro Shorts/Dollar Longs are at an all time high. NOW is the time to be positioned as a perfect storm short squeeze develops.The chart above is going to reverse completely.

And...for all of you that have bought into the argument that precious metals prices will fall in the face of rising interest rates, think back to the late 1970's, and more recently, the 2002-2005 time frame. Gold and silver skyrocketed as interest rates increased...this time would be no different.

While it’s too early that say that the move higher in the USD is over, its not too early to take action on companies that will benefit greatly from a weaker dollar.

Make sure you are positioned accordingly...

VRA Subscribers just booked another 112% profit today. Incredibly, close to 70% of the public wants nothing to do with the stock market. Of course, after the Dow Jones has jumped another 30%, they will all be jumping in...and that's when we will be selling.

Kip Herriage - VRAletter.com

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VRA CYCLE ALERT: 488% in Profits - By May 1st

Over the past 14 months the VRA Trading & Investing System has produced more than 1200% in profits for Subscribers. Now…the best is yet to come.

“Kip, if I had known that your last 8 recommendations were going to more than quadruple the size of my brokerage account, I would have invested MUCH more than I did. Still, I cannot complain about $48,000 in profits. THANK YOU SIR! GT – Rhode Island”

My 30 years of investment and trading experience has taught me the single most investing lesson of all - You MUST Buy Low and Sell High.

I know…this sounds ridiculously simple…but you would be amazed at the number of experienced investors that get caught up in the emotions of investing. And it costs them dearly.

VRA ALERT: I write this brief alert to you today to draw your attention to the two most important cycle events that I follow…and they are BOTH taking place between now and the end of April.

Cycle Alert #1: Precious Metals are now prepared to do something that they have not done in more than 3 ½ years. Those positioned in VRA Trading & Investing System Buy Rec’s can make more than 280% in profits.

Cycle Alert #2: The stock market trades according to two emotions; Fear and Greed.

For years, my trading system has shown my Subscribers EXACTLY how to profit from this by using the VIX Index - most commonly referred to as the “Fear Index”.

Those positioned in VRA Trading & Investing System Buy Rec’s can make more than 208% profits.

I keep things very simple for VRA Subscribers. I issue VRA Updates delivered directly into your inbox. They tell you exactly what to buy and when to buy it, and then, they tell you exactly when to sell and take profits.

The next two weeks are incredibly important “Cycle Events”. Join me and start making the kind of investment profits that you deserve to make. My target is for minimum gains of 488%. I LOVE burying Wall Street…you will too.

Kip Herriage

VRA Founder/Publisher (2003)

@kherriage (follow me on Twitter)







Each week I run every indicator and chart that the VRA Trading & Investing System is comprised of, and as I have been predicting, a perfect storm looks to be brewing. I believe those that take action will see their portfolios skyrocket over the next 6-12 months, specifically in the individual sectors and stocks that the VRA recommends.

Roughly 4 years ago I turned bullish on the stock market, and while we have seen the market move sharply higher, we have yet to see what is commonly referred to as the “blow-off phase” of this bull market. As I’ve been predicting, I believe that phase is now underway, and barring some unforeseen black swan event, a short term move higher of roughly 30% in the Dow and S&P could be right in front of us, with far greater gains available to those invested in the best sectors and stocks.

Major bull markets in equities…and yes, this one certainly qualifies…go through specific phases. A bull market begins in a sell-off crash low, which we saw in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis panic lows (March 2009, which the VRA nailed within 30 minutes), followed by a series of higher highs and higher lows over a period of several years. The final phase of major bull markets is the most explosive. Typically, bull markets like this do not end until we see real froth in the markets. Think back to 1999-2000, and the dot com melt-up in stocks, and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. 

Based on everything that I see technically, this final move higher is now underway. These are the 10 most important indicators that the VRA Trading & Investing System follows, and importantly, the fundamentals are confirming the technicals.

Bullish Fundamentals

I write about the fundamental reasons to be bullish fairly frequently, and we covered them on our most recent VRA Global Investment Call, but let’s take a look at them all in one place.

Briefly, here are the most important fundamental reasons that tell me a major move in the markets is on the way:

One: Climbing a Wall of Worry – bull markets tend to ramp higher when the investing public is negative and under-invested. We see this exact environment now with just 35% of the public invested in stocks (versus more than 70% in 2000). Contrarians are always the biggest winners.

Two: Election Year Cycle – the 3rd year of an election year is far and away the best year to be invested in stocks.

Three: Stock Buybacks and M&A Activity – mgt teams are buying back shares of their own companies at a near record pace. In addition, favorable tax laws are taking mergers and acquisitions to all time highs. Corporate inversions, which allow co’s to base their headquarters in more tax friendly countries and pay 20-30% less in total taxes, are a major reason for this, and with the risk of this loophole closing we can look for M&A activity to grow larger still.

Four: Central Banks, QE and more than 20 countries slashing interest rates in an ongoing currency war tell us that stocks are the only place to be for your investment dollars. In addition, outright equity purchases by central banks, which has moved from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact, tell us that we have a serious floor underneath stock prices. Any decline will be met with buying.

With interest rates at record low levels globally, where else are investors supposed to put their money??

Five: M2 Money Supply – with money supply growing by 7.3% in the US, and rising, serious cash is being forced into the economy by the FED.  Again, “Don’t fight the tape, don’t fight the FED” continues to be the theme of this bull market.

The 5 fundamental points above tell us that we WILL see a blow-off phase in stocks…and now is the time to be positioned for the move higher.


One: Precious Metals – it’s looking more and more like the VRA caught the November 2014 lows in precious metals and mining stocks. Not only have we seen a double bottom in gold, but mining stocks are giving us a very important chart pattern of higher highs and higher lows…exactly what technical analysts expect when a major move higher is beginning. Over the last two weeks, the Dow has increased by 1.3%, however the GDX (mining stock index) is up a very impressive 12.5%. 

Folks…talk about a perfect storm for precious metals. With 3.5 years of lower gold and silver prices, a huge number of mining co’s can no longer afford to explore. A combination of rising mining costs (thank you core inflation) plus falling gold/silver prices, have given us the perfect scenario for the next great bull market in PM’s and the miners. WE WILL MAKE FORTUNES IN PM’s AND VRA RECOMMENDED MINING STOCKS GOING FORWARD.

Two: Bull Market Positions. With my call for a big move higher in the overall stock market, make sure you own our top ranked selections. Our gains of 1200% from the past 14 months will be repeated...and more.

Important Point: Going forward, the VRA will be more aggressive in taking profits in these positions. Stay tuned for more info, but here’s the game plan. As the market gets overbought, we will look to take profits more frequently…then buy our positions back once they pull back in price. This gives us the opportunity for 200-300% gains in selected positions each year, rather than 50-100% gains.

The most explosive stage of this bull market is in front of us. Make sure you are positioned for another year of 1200% plus gains.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…make it a great week.


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If you would like to subscibe to the VRA and save more than 70% off of the annual price, email me at: verticalresearch@mindspring.com