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Market Melt Up is Here. My Top Stock Picks of all Time. Nothing Beats Fundamental Research.

It appears that the shorts have been trapped. They’re on the wrong side of the market and must now cover their shorts and go long. This is usually a process that plays out over weeks, but the process should provide a strong underpinning for US stock prices going forward. Combined with strong earnings, a rocketship like move higher looks to be directly ahead.

Combined with the many reasons that I remain bullish, the odds remain high that the 2/9 lows will be “cycle lows”, meaning that any pullbacks must be bought.

Take a look at how the S&P 500 has performed when investor sentiment has reached “extreme bearishness”, as it sits today:


The melt-up looks to be here. As of writing this DJ up +250 points. The shorts are about to help us make money (as they cover and then go long as well).

Stay long and strong…looks like a big move higher is here.

My Top Stock Picks of All Time

The following is from a VRA Update from around this time last year. Making 1000% returns is the best way to fund our retirement accounts.

“VRA Update (from March 14th, 2017)

I found some interesting notes in my research. The following are my best all-time stock picks (in chronological order). On each of these, know this; a) I did the original research and b) I had my clients in them “heavy”:

One: Ultra Petroleum. This was my first monster grand slam. Most of you know this story as I’ve shared it often. Recommended at .15/share and it went to $200/share (in roughly 8 years). But yes, I did sell “most” of my own shares by $7. I felt super smart at the time…not so much today…but I had many clients in Ultra as it soared towards $200. (Ultra was the #1 performing US stock of the decade). $10,000 turned into more than $5 million in 8 years.

Two: JB Oxford (one of the first online brokers). Had everyone buy it below $1/share and within a year it went to $23. Hand to God, we sold all of our shares in the $22 range. 2000% Profits.

Three: Dynegy (energy provider). A local company that I got to know pretty well. Following the Enron scam, many believed that Dynegy would follow with their own implosion. The stock got hammered from $110/share to .50/share…but I began buying and recommending it aggressively at .75/share. In 8 months, we sold our positions in the $6 to $7.50 range.700% Profits

Four: Ivanhoe Mines Following the onset of the 2008 financial crisis, I began recommending Ivanhoe in the $2’s. In roughly 11 months, we sold our positions at an average price of $22. 1000% + Profits

Over my 33 years in the investment industry, I’ve built my business by ferreting out 10–1 return, home run growth stocks. Frankly, if more “investment gurus” paid attention to research fundamentals, instead of over the top marketing nonsense, they might be able to pick winners like this as well.”

Until next time, thanks again for reading…


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