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VRA Weekly Blog Update: Strategy Session Update. VRA and Parabolic, Net Profits of 1321% in 2019. CARA and VGZ.

Good Friday morning all. Getting a very late start in writing. Updates from mgt on both Cara (CARA) and Vista Gold (VGZ) this AM.

First, the September jobs report is out and pretty much in line with expectations. 136,000 jobs created with the unemployment rate down to 3.5%, a 50 year low. DJ futures reversed from -60 to +30 as I write. Yesterday's market action was better. Quite a bit better.

Love seeing fear readings in the sentiment surveys and put/call ratio. Along with indexes reaching heavily/extreme oversold, this is how important bottoms are formed.


Over the last 2–3 weeks we’ve taken profits and raised cash. As we’ve been covering, we see a significant move approaching in the markets…we’re 70/30 it will be higher into year-end…we’ll keep depending on the VRA Investing System for that decision.

For those that have called me a “permabull” over the last 3 years or so, there is no direct evidence to the contrary. FYI, likely today or Monday, small caps (R2K, IWM) will experience a “death cross”, where the 50 dma crosses over the 200 dma. Again, we see signals that point to this market moving in either direction into year-end. We’ll be all over it, regardless. Our job is to make you money…not to be permabull or permabear.

VRA & PARABOLIC RESULTS: 1321% in Net Profits

To date (2019), VRA and Parabolic have combined for 1321% in net profits. These are positions that we owned coming into 2019 (or bought in 2019) and have now sold. In other words, “realized net gains”, profits and losses.

Parabolic: from our two programs to date in 2019 (9 months) we now have 1099% in net gains with an average gain of 37% per position.

VRA: in 2019, we now have 222% in net gains with an average gain of 54% per position.

We did tell you coming into this year that we believed it would be one of our best years ever. But folks, wait till our VRA 10 baggers really get going. That's when the VRA Portfolio catches fire.

Cara Therapeutics (CARA): in ’19 we have gains of 46%. As we listened to Cara’s presentation at yesterday's Cantor Fitzgerald conference one thing came through clearly; CARA believes they are a lock to receive final FDA approvals for KORSOVA. Again, limited on time this AM, but know this; KORSOVA will produce annual revenues of at least $2 billion. And that’s for only one application (pruritus). If you’re new to the VRA or to CARA, read our previous VRA Updates and/or go to their site. This company is going to be a monster. My targets of $150–200+/share remain intact. The insider I spoke with this AM believes US and European final approvals are “close”. Keep buying aggressively.

Vista Gold (VGZ): In ’19 we have gains of 62%. 10 million ounces of gold, the largest undeveloped miner in Australia, debt-free with tons of cash on hand. And this; more than 1000 kilometers yet to be tested.

Folks, VGZ is an .83 penny stock with a mkt cap of just $83 million. I’ve know these guys for 15 years…over the years we’ve made a fortune in VGZ (on 3 occasions). Own VGZ aggressively. The portfolio mgr I spoke with this AM (top 5 holder) adds to their position each month…sound familiar? Lets keep doing the same.

So much more to cover….out of time for now. I’ll leave you with this for this morning;

STAY FROSTY. Make sure you’ve read each of our updates over the past 1–2 weeks. The markets have been very kind to us this year. Mr Market can be a nasty SOB. It’s our job to crush him before he crushes us.

Our strategy sessions will continue. Read our updates, the VRA Portfolio and listen to our daily podcasts. Stay locked and loaded.

For now, keep that cash on hand and be ready to deploy….long or short. We’re not perma-anythings…

Until next time, thanks again for reading…have a good weekend.


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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