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June Jobs Report, Big Beat. VRA Portfolio Update, +31%. VRA, Highly Recommended Reads.

Good Friday morning all. The June jobs report is in and the number is a big beat. 224,000 jobs created with only minor revisions lower over the last 2 months. The bears will tell us that this should send stocks lower, as it removes the odds of a rate cut later this month. Ignore the bears…keep buying our VRA Portfolio buy recs. Rates have already been slashed…free markets figured this out long ago.

Bit of a different update today, once a quarter we feature some of our most important research to help ensure we are on the same page.

First up, if you aren’t joining us for our daily VRA Investing Podcasts, why not? It takes 30 seconds to sign up at vrainsider.com/podcast to receive our daily reminders once the podcast is published. After talking me into doing it, we’ve just completed our first year with several hundred listeners each day.

In 5–10 minutes we walk you through what happened in the markets, and more importantly, we tell you what the VRA Investing System is forecasting, going forward. Here’s an email we received this week:

Thank you for your podcasts. Just signed up with VRA after listening for the last 6 months or so. You’ve been more right than anyone. The VRA has a crystal ball. Joe C.”

Thank you Joe and great having you with us!


Here are our results for 2019 (through Wednesday). +31.36% vs 19.7% for S&P 500. Each position remains a buy…working on VRA growth stock 10 bagger updates this weekend. Check out our 14-day free trial to see our exact positions.


With thanks to Troy Bombardia, check out this piece of analytics. We’ll get into more going forward, no doubt, but when the Nasdaq does what it just did, the avg move higher is 34.99% over the next year, with 100% bullish outcomes. Holy bull market batman.


For our newer VRA Members…but a good refresher for everyone…below are VRA Updates from 3/29/19 and 2/12/19. These contain our fundamental macro views for being bullish, which have only been cemented further since first publishing. Save and file these away…revisit often…crush Mr. Market.

VRA Update: We Are Not Uncertain. Strap in. DJ 50,000 Here We Come.

Mar 29, 2019

Good Friday morning all. If you’ve been here for any length of time at all you know we have been, and continue to be bullish…on the US economy, global economy, and most certainly US stocks.

I know no other way to say this but to say it as loudly as possible:


Apologies for the screaming…but as Tyler and I discussed at length yesterday, our job is to make you money. We believe you need to know exactly how strongly we feel about this.

I helped pay my way through college betting on sports. Sports betting just always made sense to me. If you’re like me, when you get that “DNA level lock” you know that you go heavy. Stone cold locks don’t come around often…when they do, over time you learn to trust your instincts and go big. It was a surprise to no one that I found my way to Wall Street.

Know this; Today, I not uncertain. Fortunes are about to be made for the smart money investor. It’s time to be locked and loaded. The VRA is about to get much more active…much more aggressive.

This market feels very much like 1998 to me. I remember it well. The DJ had just dropped 17% to 7500. We then had a yield curve inversion, just like today. Recession fears were high.

But the economists got it wrong…again. Economic growth came roaring back. Growth kicked in. And the IPO market began to get red hot. Investors (the public) came flooding back into stocks.

Over the next two years, the DJ spiked 54%. As dotcom mania kicked in, the Nasdaq would soar 3 x that amount.

In the event that trusting my instincts is not good enough for you (your mistake), let me add the following macro points:

1) When I first became a broker (1985), Reagans tax cuts were just kicking in fully. The DJ would more than double in less than 3 years. Sound familiar? Trumps tax reform, deregualtion and pro business optimism is about to have an even more positive impact.

2) Populism/nationalism is replacing globalism. It’s taking place all over the world. Few seem to understand how wildly bullish this is going to be for the global economy. But I do. 3 decades of the failure that is globalism, dying a slow death. Good riddance.

3) Trump has called China out on their economic criminality for at least 15 years. Google it…there's ample video evidence of Trump saying exactly what he's been saying, a position that played a major role in winning the election. Today, Trump is closing in on “actual” free trade with China and the world. Gone will be bogus trade tariffs. Tariffs that favored the rest of the world over the US. Wildly bullish for the US economy.

4) Investor sentiment. As we cover here often, the public has a great disdain for the stock market. Who could blame them. First the dotbom, then the great financial crisis, then this past December, the worst since the Great Depression.

But folks, bull markets do not end when the public hates stocks. Bull markets end in a euphoric bubble. Bull markets end when everyone and their mother believes that stocks cannot go lower.

We’re nowhere near this level today…but we’ll get there. Its the very psychology of human nature and the markets.

Make sure and take a few minutes to listen to Tyler’s podcast from yesterday. At 27, he has a great feel for the markets. You’ll hear evidence of our bullishness.


— -

Make sure and log in to your VRA Members Site regularly to ensure you are positioned correctly. we only recommend 10–12 stocks at a time. We want a highly focused portfolio, especially for the melt-up that we see directly ahead.

Make sure you are locked and loaded. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Dow Jones 50,000 + here we come. We are not uncertain. Stay Frosty.

VRA Update: The Death of Globalism. The Birth of the Global Super Bull Market. Game On.

February 12, 2019

Good Tuesday morning all. Following the 2016 election of the man, the myth, the legend…one Donald J Trump…the world has watched in envy as the US economy and US stock markets have soared higher in response. Autocrats and bureaucrats the world over…socialists all…are being jolted from their deep slumber. The wake up call must be deafening, Ms Merkel and Mr. Macron.

Globalism is dying. The European Union is dying. Nationalism/populism is slowly taking over, everywhere we look. The end result will be the birth of a global, super bull market. A worldwide melt-up of wealth creation, birthed in the powers of free market capitalism. Birthed in the power of the individual, rather than the collective. Mises vs Keynes. The epic economic battle to the death.

Of course, we’re already awash in socialism. It’s everywhere we look, even here in the US. From the early days of Woodrow Wilson to FDR, with $22 trillion in govt debt, our ship may already be sunk.

But we never stop the good fight. Here’s what that fight looks like, globally. Folks, positive events are occurring!

1) As nationalism/populism continues to win out, smaller governments will become the norm. Adios EU. Adios state sponsored socialism. Adios nanny state.

2) The days of manufactured and manipulated economic growth will come to an end. With the US leading the way, true/pure global competition will reign supreme. HUGELY bullish.

3) Countries will be forced to slash personal and corporate tax rates, in order to compete with lower tax global regimes (aka the US and China).

4) Barriers to entry will be slashed. Tariffs and trade restrictions will be forced to near zero in the years to come. Trumps “trade war” with China is a direct shot across the bow at global governments everywhere.

5) Deregulation will sweep the global landscape. Nanny states across the planet are being put on notice. If you wish to provide cradle to the grave services, your debt loads will become unmanageable. Your interest rates will soar. Your economies will crumble in a fiery death spiral.

This is the Trump doctrine. This is how Trump forces his will on the global economy.

While global economies now border on recession, with 2018 stock market losses of 25–50% +, our own economy continues to lift off spectacularly, regardless of the wrong-way forecasts from low IQ economists like Paul Krugman (Mr. fax machine himself).

Here at the VRA we’re big fans of tracking relative strength between asset classes and markets/sectors. To get a direct glimpse of the death of globalism, check out the most dominant economy in Europe (Germany) compared to the US (S&P 500) over the last 2 years.

What we see below is spectacular outperformance of the US to Germany. In fact, 38% outperformance. Think the German people like seeing their investment accounts collapse for 2 straight years??

US economic growth is even more remarkable when you consider the fact that our central bank has hiked rates 9 times since December 2016, while Europe and Asia remain in the 0% to negative interest rates.

This is why foreign capital continues to flood into the US. We not only have the power to normalize rates, but we can grow our GDP by 3% + at the same time. Rock and roll. Just getting started. 35,000 DJ by end of 2020. 50,000 DJ by end of Trump's second term.

We’ll continue to revisit this theme often. The developed world has a choice to make. Kill globalism off for good or watch your economies continue to get their ass kicked by the good ole US of A. The world has 6 more years of Trump to deal with. And this man enjoys kicking ass a great deal.

Self-preservation usually wins out. It’s their call…their decision to make. We’re watching closely. Your people are watching even more closely.

— — 


Since publishing these pieces our bullish views have only become stronger. Will this be the bull market of our lifetimes, as we continue to suspect? Only time will tell, but here’s what I believe I can tell you with certainty…until fund managers and the public become wildly bullish on the markets, this market will continue sharply higher. Yes…negative investor sentiment of today is the fuel for this powerful bull to continue.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…have a great weekend


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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Coordinated Momentum, Liquidity Breakouts Continue. VRA Market and System Update.

All eyes are on the G20 and Presidents Trump/Xi meeting on Saturday. Earlier this week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin stated that “we’re 90% of the way there”. I wished he had said nothing of the sort.

Our view is unchanged. We’ll be surprised if a trade deal is completed…but we will also be surprised if the meetings are a complete disappointment. Both sides will be heavy with the spin.

Here’s what really matters; the markets likely already have this figured out. We’re going higher…much. New all-time highs will beget more new all-time highs. And, we WILL break higher from this triple top in both the S&P 500 and DJIA.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we’ve expected a full on momentum/liquidity fueled breakout in not only the equity markets (domestic & global) but also in assets like precious/base metals, oil/gas and Bitcoin. We are witnessing coordinated momentum breakouts, fueled by a staggering level of global liquidity. VRA Investing System readings (10/12 Screens bullish), along with rock solid market internals, continue to confirm our beliefs.

To crush Mr. Market, we must: a) be on the right side of major moves in the broad market, b) be in the right markets/sectors/stocks and c) be positioned for maximum leverage and exposure.

Bearish Sentiment Continues to Shock

The fact that this breakout is occurring at the same time that investors (both individual and institutional) are across the board bearish, only helps to cement our bullish, contrarian case. When everyone is going left, we want to go right.

AAII sentiment continues to be bearish. Stunning! 29.6% bulls to 32.1% bears. 7 weeks in a row that bears have outnumbered bulls. Again, highly bullish for our markets. A contrarians delight.



What’s happening now…and we see this as just the early innings…is the beginning of a multi-year move higher that will take the Dow Jones to 50,000+, gold to $3000+ and Bitcoin to ? (who knows…but much higher) by the end of Trumps second term. If Trump were to lose in 2020, the markets will crash lower…and we will quickly flip from bullish to bearish. Not hyperbole…not a political statement…just a reality of the significance of having a president that knows what it takes to grow an economy. The Trump Economic Miracle is playing out right before our eyes.

The free market capitalism/populism/nationalism movement actually started before Trump. First up, Poland and Hungary acted in defiance of the EU (saying no to forced migrant placement)…then they elected strong, country loving, populist presidents. Then Brexit…then Trump…followed by populist leaders that were elected in Italy, Czechoslovakia, Brazil…even Australia is kicking globalism to the curb.

The economic significance of the VRA’s bullish macro case continues to be underestimated. In a world driven by free market capitalism…lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government…the entrepreneurs animal spirits are unleashed. Entrepreneurs create high paying jobs. They replace the power base previously controlled by big government, globalist elites. We see this as a long term, hugely bullish global macroeconomic & geopolitical development that could result in the strongest global economy of our lifetimes.


We continue to be long and strong gold and miners. As seen in both gold and GDX below, they sit at extreme overbought levels, but the breakout is very, very real. Keep buying pullbacks. We’ll add NUGT soon. Over the last month, gold is +13% and GDX is +29%. The leverage is in the miners…and the miners are leading the way higher. Again, exactly what we want to see. Over the same time frame, our top gold pick is +48%. A monster move higher is directly ahead.


Lastly, I’ve received the following story from many of you this week. Merrill Lynch caught criminally manipulating precious metals. Once the manipulation of precious metals comes to an end, parabolic moves higher await.


Until next time, thanks again for reading…have a great weekend.


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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The Parabolic Melt-up Move Higher is Here. All Time Highs in US Equities. 5 Year Highs in Gold. Just Getting Started.

Following Wednesday’s Fed meeting, where J Powell finally admitted that the Fed got 2018 completely and terribly wrong, US equity markets are celebrating the Fed’s apology this morning. DJ +230 with precious metals and the miners breaking out across the board. All time highs this morning in US equities and 5 year highs in gold.

The parabolic melt-up move higher that we’ve been expecting is here. This is why we own our 3 x leveraged ETF’s (learn what they are with our 2 week free trial at vrainsider.com). We want to be on the right side of the market with maximum leverage and exposure to the highest returns possible, using dollar cost averaging to build our positions. I have no interest in keeping up with the market. I want to crush Mr. Market, absolutely and completely. It’s the VRA approach to funding our financial goals.

Let's jump back to the Fed for a minute. Ok, Powell didn’t actually apologize. Not literally. But come on…we all know how grade schoolishly wrong the supposed best and brightest economists at the Fed have been. With their track record, should we really be surprised?? No…we should not.

Once again, like it or not, Trump had this exactly right. US interest rates should have ALWAYS been lower. As in, much lower, as we’ve made the case here at the VRA for some time.

Gold traded as high as $1395/oz overnight. 5 years highs. Just getting started. Last trade here $1385, +$35. GDX (Miner ETF) has broken out as well. Last trade here $24.80, +3.4%.

This 8 year chart of GDX tells all. GDX has broken a primary downtrend line, which now serves as support. There’s a triple top at $25 that has to be dealt with and we’ve reached extreme overbought levels on stochastics, meaning a further ST move higher could be constrained. And volume…its building…but its nowhere near the volume we saw in the 2016 breakout (which we called *exactly*). Bottom line, gold/silver and the miners have now officially broken out.

Remember, in bull markets of scope and size…like the one that is beginning in PM’s… we want to own the highest leverage plays possible.

Long and strong folks…long and strong. This will be the PM/miner bull market of our times.

VRA Investing System Upgraded to 10/12 Screens Bullish.

It became clear this week that an upgrade to 10/12 bullish screens was in order (from 9/12 bullish screens, which had been the reading since late January).

Below are the 12 VRA System Screens, 70% fundamental and 30% technical. All 8 of our fundamental screens are now bullish. A more accommodative FED plus all-time highs in market internals (breadth), combined with a booming US economy place all fundamental screens in the bullish camp.

Our technical screens had been a bit of a mixed bag of late. Then, earlier this week, the Russell 2000 broke through its 200 dma on solid volume, as the broad markets confirmed the move with 1%+ moves higher across the board, led by technology and industrial stocks, with stellar internals of 3:1. Just what you want to see, assuming you are bullish. We could hardly be more bullish.

While our short term momentum oscillators (stochastics) are hitting overbought readings, we have yet to see euphoria spill over into RSI and MFI. We would like to see the transports trade better…this important group remains beneath its 200 dma, albeit by just 1.5%.

The VRA Investing System tracks fundamentals, technicals, internals and investor sentiment. Investor sentiment continues to give us our most bullish readings of all…what follows is shocking to me. In my 34 years, I’ve never encountered anything quite like the sentiment readings we continue to see today. Contrarians the world over are salivating at these readings.


The biggest story that few have seemed to pay attention to is investor sentiment, and just how bearish it continues to read. We see it weekly in our sentiment surveys, with AAII sentiment readings of just 29% bulls that have made us say “Are you serious?? Back up the truck and buy, buy, buy.”

Then Tuesday…and everyone IS talking about this…we learned that the BAML survey of money managers reached its most bearish reading since the 2008 financial crisis. Just a stunning report, with markets just 1% away from ATH.

Here’s the breakdown of what we continue to view as BIZARRE readings. But then again, we also know that 90% of all money managers get beat by the markets each year. Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised.

Equity allocations saw the second-biggest drop on record, while cash holdings jumped by the most since the 2011 debt-ceiling crisis, the June poll showed. Concerns about the trade war, a recession and “monetary policy impotence” all contributed to the bearish sentiment, Bank of America said.


And I’ll just leave this here. Still more bears than bulls. Stunning. HIGHLY bullish.

VRA BOTTOM LINE: with 10/12 screens bullish, this makes investing on pullbacks that much more important. Pullbacks should be short and sweet, going forward, as the markets surge to new all time highs and the Dow Jones targets 30,0000 by year end (12% higher from current prices).

We remain aggressively long this market. It’s crush Mr. Market time.

Finally for this morning, if you heard Tyler’s podcast yesterday you know that we just wrapped up year #1 with podcast #251. We hope you’re enjoying them and we always appreciate your feedback. 


Until next time, thanks again for reading…


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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Locked and Loaded. Massive, Multi-Year Breakout Nearing. We Must Be Long and Strong.

Good Thursday morning all,

The move higher in stocks continues on the heels of the best week in ’19 and news of Mexico immigration/trade deal. Next up, G20 and Trump-Xi meeting, June 28–29. Does a US-China trade deal even matter? Not according to this new study…

But let's be honest…US-China trade deal is not really about trade. Never was. We’ve covered this 100’s of times since the “trade war” kicked off in January 2018. This has always been about Trump calling out China as the worlds biggest economic cheater. Not a close second. And you bet your butt it matters…here’s how we know, with certainty.

The Dow was coming off of 26,700….all time highs…when Trump first announced tariffs. Today, the DJ sits at 26,000. 700 points lower than 18 months ago. We’ve been in a massive trading range ever since, which has cost us the gains in our VRA Portfolio that we would have otherwise had. Because…and I believe this with every fiber of my being…had Trump simply looked the other way (like every president before him) the DJ would be in the 35,000 ballpark today.

But Trump isn’t like our previous presidents. Trumps in this for the long run. Trump will not stop until US GDP is back to the 5% range. Laugh if you will…bet against this man, if you will…but I am 1000% in Trumps corner…and I am an unapologetic trade hawk. Now is the time to force change in China.

In the event that you are new to the VRA, know this; the Trump Economic Miracle is only now beginning to kick in. We are perfectly positioned to crush Mr. Market, as the DJ hits 35,000 by end of 2020 and 50,000+ by end of 2024.

Let’s review the VRA’s major macro reasons to be ULTRA bullish.

ONE: Trump and the Trump Economic Miracle. Like Reagan before him, Trump knows…at the DNA level…that free market capitalism is the only way to build an economy. Cut taxes and regulations, empower the entrepreneur, then get the hell out of the way as job growth explodes, taking GDP with it. Capitalism, as the ultimate socialism destroyer. The US economy is on fire…just getting started.

TWO: The world is kicking globalism to the curb. Hard. Populism/nationalism is returning with a vengeance. Die hard, globalism. Yippee ki-yay, mofo. The world was awash in the epic failure of globalism for 3 decades. But then it all began to change; Hungary, Poland, Brexit, Trump, Brazil, Italy, Australia. The trend is clear. Elite control of open border, low wage, low GDP government is being replaced everywhere we look by the free market capitalism of populism/nationalism. True competition. Make _____ Great Again. Let the best country win. The end result? A global bull market on steroids…for possibly decades on end.

THREE: Structural abnormalities compel us to be ALL IN. The DJ is +40% from Trumps election…so how is it that everyone is bearish?? In my career, this is among the most bizarre readings I’ve ever seen. It’s also HUGELY bullish. And know this; the bulls will return. AAII bullish percentage will get back to 50–60–70% bulls. But at this rate, the DJ might hit 35–40K first. These readings make me salivate at the upside potential. Folks, this is why we have remained aggressively long….along with 9/12 VRA Investing System Screens remaining bullish.

And this structural abnormality….as we’ve talked about for more than two years, buybacks and M&A continue to rip free trading shares from the market. Supply and demand. Economics 101. Stocks MUST go higher.

VRA Market & System Update

We aggressively added to VRA Portfolio positions last week…the same day we told you that the lows were in place for the year. They are. The melt-up is on. Tech just had their best 5 day stretch in 7.5 years. This morning, the move higher continues. Asian markets soared this week…the upcoming G20 and possibility of US-China trade deal…its “buy the rumor” time.

Australian markets hit 11.5 year highs overnight. Electing a pro-growth, capitalist/populist leader, kicking far left globalism to the curb…what’s not to like? And trust me on this folks, Australian markets would not be soaring if China’s economy was falling off a cliff. No way in H.E. Double L. As much as I’ve lambasted China for their economic cheating, it doesn't mean there isn’t great value there. There is. It’s why we own and continue to add to positions. Once China bends the knee to Trump, look out above. The fact that through all of this “trade war” (its not, never has been) drama, how interesting that the Chinese market (Shanghai Stock Exchange) has remained above its 200 day moving average, in confirmed bull market territory. As much as I like the US markets, a parabolic move higher awaits for Chinese stocks.

And what would a bull market be without a wall of worry to climb? This week the news services are running this story, pretty much everywhere. Be afraid…be very afraid! A recession could drop the market 30%!

Reality check; the unemployment rate is 3.6%, there are 1 million more jobs available than people to fill them and GDP has grown 3.1% over the last 12 months. Negative news clickbait….gotta love it. But again, bull markets love climbing a wall of worry. We want to see as many of these articles as possible…along with “Trumps going to crash the economy” and “Chinese tariffs will send consumer prices soaring”. The more of these permabear, Trump-US hating stories, the higher the market will soar.

Remember last weeks AAII Sentiment Survey reading of 22% bulls and 44% bears? And the Fear & Greed Index reading of 37 (fear)? It’s “recession” articles and fear mongering, like the one today, that keeps investors afraid and out of the markets. Just remember, the AAII survey WILL get back to 50–60–70% bulls. The DJ may hit 35,000 first…but it will happen.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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Our Bull Market Completely Intact. European Elections Confirming a Primary Bullish VRA Marco Trend.

Good Thursday morning all.

The last 17 months have been one big, semi-expanding bullish trading range We see it in this chart of the S&P 500, from the January 2018 highs to today. The S&P 500 is now below its 2018 highs, and while we have continued to make higher highs (post 1/18), there has been no breakout. The biggie, of course, is the monster (Federal Reserve initiated) sell-off in Q4 of last year. As we start trading today, SPX is above its 200 dma (having successfully bounced off the 200 dma), as is Nasdaq, with the DJ barely beneath its 200 dma. We have also reached “extreme oversold” levels on the VRA Investing System.

We believe yesterday may have marked important lows. Put/call ratio of 1.4 with a TRIN above 2…sentiment hitting panic levels as fear-based “impeachment” selling pressure hit the markets. Importantly, however, that panic selling marked yesterdays lows as the DJ rallied 150 points off of the lows in the all-important smart money final hour of trading. Folks, and hear me on this, the odds of an impeachment proceeding against Trump is incalculably low. Should Dems move forward, it will be their official acknowledgment that they know they cannot win the presidency without a Hail Mary against Trump. Going forward, when you see the markets fall on rumors of impeachment, use that sell-off as a buying opportunity.

Based on the VRA System as long as the Leading Economic Indicators are positive, we have little reason to be concerned about the economy. Again, we sit at 9/12 screens positive.

European Elections Confirm Globalism in Decline

More than decline really…the abject failure that is globalism is being routed. The long list below of recently elected populist/nationalist leaders makes a primary (bullish) macro point of the VRA’s crystal clear; Globalism, for 3 decades, has been great for countries like China and for the failed experiment to benefit the elites and open borders big business advocates that is the European Union. But today, the global economy is (powerfully) transitioning back to populism, as the public elects leaders that have their own country's best interests at heart.

For more than 3 years, this has been a primary bullish macro theme of the VRA. As countries transition away from manipulated globalism, the global bull market…which is well underway today…will continue to pick up steam, bringing with it what may well be a multi-decade era of peace and prosperity.

>90% of the worlds largest and most important equity markets are in “bull market confirmed status”. Imagine what our stock markets will do when global trade deals are fully implemented. Lower tariffs, true free trade, let the best company/country win. Hugely bullish macro trend.

VRA Market and System Bottom line: the global bull market is absolutely intact. We’ve had a modest 5–6% correction off of all-time highs. This is a buying opp in advance of the next advance to new ATH, which includes meeting our targets of DJ 35,000 by the end of 2020 and DJ 50,000+ by end of Trump's second term. The VRA System remains at 9/12 screens bullish.

Look at it this way; What’s the biggest concern that investors have today? Without question, it's US-China trade worries. Now, what is second? What…can't think of a second issue that has your really worried?

Wall Street’s best can’t either. We’ll continue to use dips to add to VRA Buy Rec positions.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…


Since 2014 the VRA Portfolio has net profits of more than 2300% and we have beaten the S&P 500 in 15/16 years.

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