"Kip's VRA financial newsletter is a MUST read for every saavy investor in this country. Disregard it at your own peril. His mantra is my mantra: Buy Gold and China. Sell short on pretty much everything else. Kip Herriage's newsletter is my financial Bible."

--Wayne Allyn Root
2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate
Author, "The Conscience of a Libertarian"

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The Next Shoe is About to Drop

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Just over 10 years ago I began writing my investment updates, which became the Vertical Research Advisory (VRA). At first the updates were for my old Wall Street clients…mostly those that listened to me in 1999/2000 when, just as I was leaving behind a 15 year career, I recommended that they sell stocks and go to cash. What followed was the collapse of the dot-com bubble, and of course the shock and sadness of 9/11, followed by a very tough recession.

But the recession of 2001/2002 brought with it a great buying opportunity as scores of quality blue chip companies could be purchased at prices we would not see again for a very long time. Shortly thereafter, I also began recommending gold and silver and began calling China the “Chinese Miracle”. These forecasts allowed my growing list of subscribers to make a number of 100% + returns in the years to come.

Flash forward to September 2008, where just before a 40% market drop I warned:

Companies that are leveraged with debt are being taken down one by one. Most major Wall Street firms use leverage of 30-50 to 1. The US banking system uses leverage that even dwarfs this. The risks in the financial markets are as high as they have ever been. We are in very scary times folks…Wall Street’s Frankenstein has now spilled over into Main Street and there is a significant crisis of confidence in our government, in the Federal Reserve, in the overall economy and in our ability to deal with the coming serious recession (or worse). This is exactly why we have been positioning our Members into precious metals and energy and these remain safe havens even today.

Then, we witnessed the craziness that our government and money leaders were committed to, long term consequences be damned. Hence my warnings in July 2009:

For 8 years I have warned about the dangers of our global fiat currency monetary system...paper currencies backed by nothing of real value...along with the never ending issuance of debt in the US at all levels (government, corporate, state, and consumer) which combined, have bankrupted what was once the planet’s most financially powerful country in history. I have written extensively in these updates, and I have shared my concerns at conferences wherever WMI has traveled. In WMI's first m1 Masters Program (2005) we predicted essentially every event that has transpired. I have been consistent in this message with at least 90% accuracy.

With the government’s help we have allowed the FED to bankrupt our future, and in the near future (3 months or possibly even 3 years) we will learn that all of their manipulation was for naught, and that it actually made the situation 10 times worse than it would otherwise have been. Truly, our children and their children will read of our mistakes and wonder what the hell we were thinking. Why didn't we allow bankrupt companies to simply go bankrupt? Why didn't we allow the natural deleveraging process to take place? And why didn't we maintain a sound monetary system, backed by gold, which would have prevented all of this misery from happening in the first place?

Following Obama’s election I wrote a VRA update warning that this was “war,” meaning that I saw clear signs that the government, as led by Obama/Bernanke, would approach our economic situation just as the military would fight an enemy. And in war, we know that all is fair because the ends justify the means. Since that warning in 2009, it’s safe to say that this is exactly what we have witnessed. Now, the unintended consequences of these hyperinflationary acts are unfolding. As of today I am seeing a huge number of the same warning signs that I saw at about this point in 2008. Namely, the stock market and the global economy sending strong signals that reality is about to set in.

•  The housing market continues to implode, with price declines and new building permits approaching lows not seen since 2008/2009. As Wayne Allyn Root pointed out recently, this crisis is now worse than it was in the Great Depression with no signs of bottoming. Gary Shilling, the leading expert on the housing market, is now forecasting that home prices still have fall another 20% before we can even talk about a market bottom. The US banking system is simply a massive Ponzi scheme being kept alive on our backs (aka the US government). Should they ever again be forced to use honest accounting practices, EVERY major money center bank in this country would be declared bankrupt and their doors closed for business overnight. And that’s exactly what will happen before we reach a true bottom in this ever evolving Greatest Depression.

•  The other massive problem facing our economy is unemployment. Forget the official 9% unemployment rate…only suckers and pro-Obama defenders believe this bogus number. The real level of joblessness is in the 15-20% range. Unfortunately…very unfortunately…we are years away from a recovery in employment. What highlights the depth of this crisis is the fact that more than $15 trillion has been pumped into the US economy via stimulus, FED money printing, TALF, TARP, QE I, QE II (ad nauseum), and every imaginable form of government loan guarantee, yet employment numbers remain at Depression era levels. Historians will point to this one fact as major proof that Keynesian economics was nothing more than a massive fraud of an idea.

•  Internationally we’ve recently witnessed the economic failures of entire countries. Just so far we’ve seen the implosion of Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, with Spain next on the docket. Over $1 trillion in freshly printed bailout money appears to have papered over the problem, but as they say, karma is a bitch. Again, the unintended consequences here will devastate the people of Europe. The riots we’ve seen so far overseas are nothing compared to what’s on the way. Mark my words, a big next shoe is about to drop in Europe, and with it the total collapse of the experiment that was the Euro and the European Union.

Preparation…in my writings and advice…has been consistent for many years. Rid yourself of the vast majority of all fiat currency denominated investments. Sell every bit of real estate that you realistically can. And make sure that you own plenty of gold and silver and that you buy more every chance you get. The end game here is the demise of fiat currency and sovereign government debt, and the only winner is gold/silver…which after thousands of years remains the only true currency.

Finally, preparation to me has always included one major theme…individual freedom…an opportunity to control your own financial destiny by becoming an entrepreneur. This is why Karl and I founded Wealth Masters International in 2005; to provide an unparalleled master mind group …a global community unlike any other where like-minded freedom seekers join together to achieve massive success. The end result has been more than 35,000 Members in over 140 countries, twelve m2 Wealth Conferences and three m3 Private Wealth Groups…not to mention hundreds of WMI Sponsored domestic and global marketing events to share our unique message.

Urgent Global Update -Special Open Call
The Next Shoe is About to Drop

We will host an international call this Thursday night at 8 PM EST, and invite everyone interested in the REAL STORY about what’s coming next to join us. The coming one month to three years will bring a sea-change to the global economic landscape unlike any the world has seen before. For those who wish to survive and thrive in the years ahead, the time has come to deal with reality as it IS, not as we wish it would be. Get the straight story this Thursday night so you can be among those who are taking informed action. The largest transfer of wealth for mankind is underway…on Thursday night we will show you how to ensure you are on the right side of history.

- Kip Herriage

IMPORTANT: This conference bridge can only hold 1000 callers – last time we maxed out the lines 5 minutes before the call started. Feel free to forward to anyone that you believe should have this information. Dial in early to ensure your place

 Call Details:

Thursday, May 26 – 8 pm Eastern
+1 (605) 475-4445, access code 964#



“As we enter the most perilous financial times of the past 70 years, everyone is looking for answers; Who is to blame for this? How bad will It get? What should I do now? Does the government really know what they’re doing? Instinctively, we all knew this house of cards would come crashing down at some point.” - Kip Herriage


Get ready to have your eyes opened and your assumptions challenged. If you’ve suspected that there’s more to the world economic situation than you’ve been hearing from the main stream media, government leaders and major financial institutions, you may be more right than you know. In Crashproof Prosperity, Entrepreneur, CEO and seasoned financial advisor Kip Herriage pulls back the curtain on some of the most alarming issues of the day:

Who ALL bailouts are really for and why they have never worked.
• How the Federal Reserve System is bankrupting America.
• Why fiat currencies, including the US dollar, are doomed to fail.
• Why we haven’t seen the end of the real estate crisis.
• How global economies are being irretrievably crippled by debt and a lack of confidence.

And… Exactly Why the Next Three Years are the Most Important of Your Entire Life!

Crashproof Prosperity will forever change the way you think about money and how it really works. By helping you understand where we’ve been, Kip will help you to see where we’re going and how you can protect yourself and the people you care about from the inevitable collapse of failed governance and economic policies.


Wealth Transfer Alert!

Wealth Transfer Alert!

It was March 2005 and we were in the recording studio working on the first edition of our m1 Masters Program. I prefer not to use a script when working on projects like this, so when I get going its pretty much free flow and one take. After recording for about 45 minutes I stopped to take a break and get a drink of water. That’s when I noticed the looks on the faces of the two guys working in the studio…and I could tell they probably thought I was either a little crazy or ill-informed. 

As we played the recording back I’m certain they thought I would want to have a do-over. I was warning about the dangers of the Federal Reserve, currency inflation that could lead to hyperinflation, the inherent problems of using a fiat currency, the coming crash in real estate and the stock market, and clear reasons why everyone should move from an outdated, old paradigm lifestyle to a new paradigm mindset that brings with it opportunities for generational wealth creation. 

6 years later this month, there’s nothing on that first m1 that I wish I would have re-recorded, and the same applies to my partner Karl along with the 10 other expert alliances on wealth, health and wisdom. Together, we’ve worked very hard to position our Members, regardless of their current financial situation, for the massive changes that we see coming our way. 

The end result is that we’ve shown tens of thousands in well over 100 countries how to prepare for the largest transfer of wealth in history. At the same time, our Members have gained life-long access to an incredibly special community of likeminded thinkers…each working towards complete freedom in their life. 

Freedom means different things to different people, but the journey for everyone begins the same. And in every case it begins with learning the real truth about what is happening in the world around you. 

For the first time ever…regardless of the country you live in….a conspiracy of unprecedented magnitude is unfolding. Globally, a $50 trillion transfer of wealth is underway, and unless you are among the privileged few…the typically insider’s educated elite…you will almost certainly be on the wrong end of the equation. 

As we covered in the 2010 WMI documentary, The Conspiracy Against Your Money, this wealth transfer is causing very bad things to happen to very good people, yet few even recognize it, much less know how to deal with it. 

Many have chosen to bury their heads in the sand, hoping against hope that things will get better. Unfortunately they will not, especially for those that are unprepared for the adversity coming their way. And in this case, that means 99% of the planet…those caught in an old paradigm mindset. 

We’ve also remained committed to the belief system that the truth resonates, and that people instinctively recognize the truth when they see it and hear it. The end result is our Members are developing a game plan so powerful that they will not only survive, but prosper enormously going forward. They know that more fortunes are created during times of calamity than at any other time in history, and as a group we’ve decided to earn our fair share of this record wealth transfer.   

As of today, we have officially crossed the line that we first began warning about in 2005. Events in the world economy have begun to unfold in seemingly uncontrollable fashion. Clueless governments still don’t understand that it was their ruinous actions that created a credit infested, fiat currency based, bankrupt world. They didn’t learn this lesson from their mistakes of the 1930’s and now it’s too late to prevent a similar outcome. They will continue to prescribe the same remedy that caused the problem in the first place, specifically more government bailouts and more printed money. The consequences are clear…we will see hyperinflation, economic misery, and in many parts of the world, social unrest…very similar to what we are beginning to witness in the Middle East, North Africa, and even in parts of Europe and the US today.

Never in history has the world been in a situation when virtually all major industrialized countries are bankrupt at the same time. Many feel that because there is really no precedent for what will happen in the next few years that our future looks bleak, and possibly even frightening.

Were I still stuck in my old Wall Street mindset I might share in this dark and pessimistic view. Sure, I am concerned about what is headed our way, and I am extremely concerned for those that remain unprepared. However, there is a big flip side to this coin. Again, it is times just like these where massive wealth is created. The economic uncertainty unfolding will cause many to be scared and unsure of what their future holds. And while some of you reading this may go through periods where you share those same concerns, the most important thing you can do is to maintain a laser like focus on the opportunities that exist all around you.

Why You Have to Join us in Puerto Rico

“Opportunity” is the key word for our upcoming m2 Wealth Conference in Puerto Rico (April 10-14). This is our 12th m2, and the more than 15 world class experts presenting at this m2 are going to make it our most important and powerful event to date.  We’re not just prepared for this never before seen wealth transfer…we have every angle of it figured out and now we’re ready to take our millions and billions from it. Over the next 3 years we plan to create hundreds of multi-millionaires, and we invite you to join us…the worlds premier wealth creation community.

You see, entrepreneurs and independent thinkers will be the biggest winners of all in the years to come, and the world class investment and wealth creation strategies at this m2 are sure to blow your mind. Combined with your WMI education and your connection to our community of like-minded visionaries, you will find that everything you need… you actually already possess.

As of today we’ve been told that we have less than 50 rooms left, and we will keep registration open as long as possible…but it’s first come first serve so time is limited.

Looking forward to seeing you at the m2!










Meltdown Approaching – Repeat of 2008 on the Way – While We Make 50% in One Month!

Remember what happened in 2008? I hope so, because it’s about to happen again. 

In March of 2008, Bear Stearns gave us a hint of the crash that was to come. Just one year earlier the stock had traded as high as $170/share…but by March 08 it came crashing down to near insolvency before getting a $10/share desperation buyout from JP Morgan. The fall of Bear was the first major shot across the bow. Within weeks we began to see mortgage co’s failing and closing their doors in record numbers. Shortly thereafter it was AIG, GM, Fannie and Freddie, Merrill Lynch, etc…and of course the massive bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September…you know, the one that nearly brought the entire global economy down. Good thing we spent trillions to bail the system out…otherwise the bankers wouldn’t have received those record bonuses just one year later. Whhooo…crisis averted!  

No one living has ever witnessed anything of this magnitude, because…well…nothing like this had ever happened before. 

In the two years that have followed we have seen the Federal Reserve (remember, it’s not Federal and there are no reserves) along with the US government and it’s counterparts globally, spend countless trillions in taxpayer funded bailouts, stimulus and loan guarantees in an attempt to restart the engines of the global economy. And history will tell us that it was all for naught.  

(For a complete understanding of the what, when, where and why of the collapse, along with the step-by-step playbook for becoming multi-millionaires in the next 3 incredible years, you can now purchase my new book; CrashProof Prosperity at:  http://wealthjournals.com/crashproof-prosperity.html 

The only thing that an unprecedented amount of financial manipulation accomplished will be an increased level of pain that we will all have to endure once the real crash gets underway. And I believe that the real crash is just around the corner…

 All the signs of a Bear Stearns level event are flashing bright red lights.  

How about the developments in Wisconsin this week? Massive protests from union led public employees…teachers…apparently more distraught than Egyptian protestors…all due to the fact that the governor wants them to contribute a measly 8% to their OWN retirement accounts. I don’t know about you, but the only retirement account that I have is the one that I work 14-16 hours/day for in order to personally contribute 100% of the money. Oh that’s right; we forced them to be teachers. That must be the case or they wouldn’t have chosen the profession. Here’s my question: When do entrepreneurs get to unionize? Man, it would be great to have that kind of support and power behind me…not to mention a fully funded retirement account on someone else’s dime. 

Forgetting the sarcasm, the events in Wisconsin are a harbinger of things to come across the country. Wisconsin, like 46 other states, is broke…and has a budget shortfall of $3.5 billion. But that’s chump change. Combined, states across the US have a $3 trillion shortfall to deal with, and this doesn’t even include their beyond bankrupt pension systems which add another $5 trillion to this mega bar tab. 

Not frightened yet? Then what if I told you that the Federal government will no longer be able to secretly bail these states out through cleverly designed state bond auctions…auctions that over the past couple of years have financed as much as 20-30% of their combined debt offerings. The jig is up…and massive layoffs at the state level are just around the corner. This is why the unemployment issue nationally is about to get worse…much, much worse.  

Next Flashing Red Light – Inflation  

It seems like a lifetime ago that the vast majority of economists were telling us that deflation was their big concern. Instead, my concern was inflation…which has been well documented in these pages, and over the exact same time frame (but hey, I’m just a little newsletter publisher in Texas…what could I possibly know). For those that missed the debate, deflation is when the prices for everything collapse, due to lack of demand, triggering an economic collapse. In a January 2009 poll, more than 90% of top economists polled listed deflation, over inflation, as their expected outcome. So…where are these same dimwitted economists now? Hiding out together…probably with Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin…would be my best guess.   

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that inflation is back…and with a vengeance. The prices of everything from sugar, wheat, silver, cotton, dairy, meat, copper, gold, coffee…you name it…have risen anywhere from 30-100%...in just 6 months. In fact the global food index just reached an all time high this week! Sound like deflation to you? Nope…of course not. 

And this is where the VRA is set to shine. Just a month ago I recommended a unique and highly leveraged silver investment that has already given CrashProof Prosperity Members a return of more than 50%! And it’s just getting started… Once these states and municipalities begin to collapse, the US dollar will implode (further) as well…and this is exactly why gold and silver have been the #1 investments since 2003…the same year that I recommended them….the smart money has seen what’s in store for our future for a long while…and that future is almost here.

And I almost forgot to mention that Chinese demand for gold and silver just skyrocketed 70% in just the last month. 1.3 billion people buying gold and silver can do a lot of good for us. Remember, until last year the Chinese were barely even able to purchase precious metals…not legally at least. Now however, the Chinese government is encouraging them to buy. The Chinese may own over two trillion in US currency and debt, but at least they want their citizens to prosper as their own investment in the US collapses…I guess. How nice of those communists….sorry….how nice of those State Capitalists. 

And I’d like to make one last point about inflation…one that I go to great lengths to explain in my book. Currency inflation…aka the massive printing of new US dollars in order to pay for our governments imperialistic dogma and to fund the FED’s purchases of our own debt…is the root cause of the collapse of our middle class, along with the collapse of every middle class in the history of mankind. This insidious tax on humanity is the reason that both spouses have to work just to bring home the same amount of money that one income accomplished just 20-30 years ago. Think about this for a moment…and then begin cursing every politician and central banker on the planet. Our founding fathers did their absolute best to warn us about the dangers of a private banking cartel, but the battle was lost when the FED was created in 1913.

 Wow, think about this. In the US (and most Western democracies), we only spend maybe 15% of our incomes on food…meaning we can more easily cope with skyrocketing prices. But what about places like Egypt…and most other dirt poor countries in the Middle East and Africa…that have 90% of their population living at the poverty level ($2/day). When food prices double in these countries, REAL pain is experienced. You see, they have to spend 50-80% of their incomes on food…if you can call $2/day income.

 Shame on you, protesting unionized teachers in Wisconsin…how dare you compare your situation to what’s being experienced by these poor souls in Egypt and elsewhere. Your unions are using you to empower and enrich your union bosses.  Beyond belief…and something that I can guarantee you will blow up in their face. Any wonder why jobs are leaving this country in droves? Hint; it's not free trade agreements or trickle down economics...its unions! And anyone that still believes that our education system in this country isn't broken and that unions and government interference are not the major reasons why, should immediately watch the documentary Waiting on Superman.  

The Meltdown is Close  

The red lights are definitely flashing. And, when the budget battles in Washington really start to heat up…and this looks to be soon…the next shoe may drop. Debt is oxygen to the government, and we may finally have some politicians willing to make the hard choices. But those hard choices will have consequences, and in this case it means starving the patient. While this must be done, the massive number of resulting layoffs and bankrupt states will push our economy over the cliff. Add to this the coming train wreck about to take place in Europe, where Portugal is next in line for a huge global bailout…one that will make Greece and Irelands bailout (both predicted in the VRA) look tiny by comparison. 

After Europe begins to collapse, the game will be over. The resulting crash in the Euro and US dollar will take the Japanese economy with it. Japan, already imploding due to two lost decades, has the worst fundamentals of all. A debt to GDP of more than 200% and a very depressed and aging population. Look to the land of the rising sun for our future in the US…where the same financial tricks will equal the same disastrous result.

Add to this an exploding Middle East, where all the signs point to an Islamic caliphate, and it’s not crazy to wonder if we are in fact witnessing the early warning signs of WWIII.               

Major Moves to Make - Profit on the Meltdown  

Sure…all of this can be depressing. There’s no way I can spin this as good news for most of the planet. But let’s at least control what we can…our own decisions. If I was an old paradigm financial advisor I would just keep selling you on mutual funds, real estate and saving your money in US dollar based investments. Believe me; I know plenty of guys that still are. There’s only one problem with this approach…the old paradigm has been dead for a decade. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the only thing that matters…the actual results of this approach over the last ten years….beyond disastrous. 

Instead, let’s use the approach of my good friend and the Worlds #1 Trend Forecaster since 1980, Gerald Celente (and of course, our partner in CrashProof Prosperity). In his now famous words, “the events of today form the trends of tomorrow”.   

No doubt about it….this looks eerily like the beginning of 2008. But this time we won’t have the money or political will to bail everyone out…much less the fraudsters that caused the mess in the first place. My best advice is to remain committed to becoming a new paradigm thinker…it’s much more fun and far more rewarding…and develop your own game plan for using CrashProof. The lights are flashing….

 Kip Herriage

Editor and Publisher, WMI and VRA  

Founder, CrashProof Prosperity                      





CrashProof Prosperity; Becoming Wealthy in the Age of Risk - Now Available! 


Sugar Land, TX (February 16, 2011) – A new book called Crashproof Prosperity by former Wall Street insider Kip Herriage shows the average citizen things they were NEVER MEANT TO SEE behind the veil of the Federal Reserve, corrupt investment and banking institutions and a financial system on the verge of total collapse. If you’ve suspected that there’s more to the world economic situation than you’ve been hearing from main stream media outlets and government leaders, you may be more right than you know.

In Crashproof Prosperity, just off the presses this week, entrepreneur, CEO and seasoned financial advisor Kip pulls back the curtain on some of the most alarming issues of the day: "As we enter the most perilous financial times of the past 70 years, everyone is looking for answers; Who is to blame for this? How bad will it get? What should I do now? Does the government really know what they're doing? Instinctively, we all knew this house of cards would come crashing down at some point."

Get ready to have your eyes opened and your assumptions challenged. Kip’s brutally honest insights reveal who all bailouts are really for and why they have never worked; how the Federal Reserve System is bankrupting America; why fiat currencies, including the US dollar, are doomed to fail; why we haven’t seen the end of the real estate crisis and how global economies are being irretrievably crippled by debt and a lack of public trust and confidence.

Crashproof Prosperity will forever change the way you think about money and how it really works. Wayne Allyn Root, national media host, author, entrepreneur and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate said “Crashproof Prosperity will stand the test of time as a crystal ball for those that read and follow Kip’s sage advice. Kip’s book provides a ‘crisis roadmap’ that can protect and multiply your assets through even the worst of times.”

Having been a highly successful Wall Street money manager and financial advisor for 15 years, Kip knows FACT from FICTION. At the age of 38, he retired free and clear from the securities business to focus full time on leveling the playing field and making wealth-building knowledge available to everyone. “The inherent conflicts of interest on Wall Street make it virtually impossible for the average person to build any real wealth with traditional investments,” said Kip, now CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International and publisher of the Vertical Research Advisory investment newsletter.

A key point Kip raises in the book is that people need to educate themselves and think critically about the financial reports they hear from government officials and the mainstream media. He encourages the public to dig deeper into data like the Consumer Price Index and federal unemployment figures. “When you put a family’s real survival needs back in the equation, the dollar is steadily losing purchasing power,” Kip asserts, “and the true unemployment rate is much higher than reported when you count the U6 metric that tracks folks who’ve been out of work or underemployed for more than a year.”

Kip is gravely concerned that the government’s spiraling deficit spending and bailout policies will plunge America into a worse economic crash than the Great Depression. His book outlines specific steps everyone can take to GET READY NOW by becoming financially literate, reducing personal debt and adopting carefully researched contrarian investment strategies, rather than continuing to go along with the old investment paradigm. Herriage has recently appeared on the G. Gordon Liddy show and CBS radio and is in demand around the world as a guest media expert, author and public speaker on entrepreneurship. Crashproof Prosperity is available NOW - order and learn more HERE!

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