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VRA Update: The PPT: A 30 + Year Lesson I Will Never Forget

(From Sep 29, 2015 VRA Update)

In my most recent updates I've written about two concepts;

1) Bear market rallies are sharp and fast...and we are perfectly set up for one. The market has bottomed and the move higher could be furious.

2) Someone has to be right; either the FED and their ongoing prediction that they must raise rates this year, due to a strong and growing economy. Or, the current bear market will be right...and the action globally has been suggesting anything BUT a growing economic situation.

But there's another issue for us to consider as well, and this one is based on a lesson I've learned well over the more than 30 years I've been following the markets. And folks, this is an issue that you will hear almost NO ONE talk about...certainly not in the mainstream media (MSM). 

The PPT...It's Real, It's Global and it's in the US

The PPT is the "Plunge Protection Team", or the "Invisible Hand", depending on your favorite conspiracy theorist (that would be me, in this case). My first introduction to the PPT came in 1987, following the market crash that almost brought down the investment markets.

In close knit circles in NY, it was almost whispered in dark hallways...but what became clear to me was that some of the brightest minds on Wall St believed absolutely that there was a small group of traders employed by the Federal Reserve, and their job was to ensure that the stock market never reached a level of panic that could snowball into out-of-control, free fall mania.

Today, even while it's never discussed publicly on CNBC, in the WSJ, or other MSM outlets, literally NO ONE that I know/respect doubts the existence of the PPT here in the US. Globally, it's a known fact that mirror image groups in China and Japan exist. In fact, both China/Japan make it very clear that they are active in the equity markets on a regular basis...buying stock for public pension funds and public "entities".

Why do I bring this up today? I've personally seen the PPT at work. Of course, I could never prove this, but when you've done something as long as I've done this, you don't need hard evidence...their fingerprints are all over the weapon, regardless.

Here's why this matters...now. Anyone that is closely following the goings on, both here and globally, know that things are getting VERY close to collapsing. Economies like Brazil and Venezuela are in shambles. China, for the first time since it became the "Chinese Miracle" is teetering on negative growth. Japan, and its negative birth rate and 250% Debt/GDP, could literally have a black swan collapse at any time. Here in the US, junk bond prices are near free fall...led by energy co's that appear to have no way of refinancing their mountains of debt.

Then, there are the geopolitical events of our time. Millions migrating to Europe and elsewhere. The Middle East reaching epic levels of strife. ISIS threatening the world with nuclear terrorism. Falling oil prices have created an historic level of financial uncertainty in countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the previously mentioned Brazil and Venezuela. I could go on and on...

Finally, anyone even mildly paying attention has to have noticed the absolute collapse in commodity prices...sending the clearest of all signals that the global economy is in very real trouble.

Yet, The FED Continues to Say All is Fine.. and That They MUST Raise Rates

Here's my thinking. Again, someone must be right. I am monitoring this very closely, but in the short term, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see a fast and sharp bear market rally higher. Then, in light of the worlds financial nightmare, don't be surprised to see the PPT do their thing...buying stocks on any serious pullback and working their butts off to bring global markets/economies back from the brink.

It was important that I send this to you today. I remain bearish on stocks longer term...because I am bearish on the worlds economic picture. Having said that, stock prices don't always match the economic realities...at least in the short term. My job is to make sure we are positioned correctly, so that we can continue to beat Mr. Market. 

When will I become TRULY concerned about the market collapsing? When gold catches a serious bid, that will my first major clue. Gold has always been the best market insurance, and no doubt, it will going forward as well. In addition, should junk bond prices continue to fall, that's a tell-tale sign of real concern (you can follow this by watching junk bond ETF, symbol JNK).

Until then, I continue to watch for signs of the PPT...once they decide that stocks have bottomed, we have an opportunity to make a fortune...on the upside.

Until next time, thanks again for reading...stay frosty.




Must Read For Anyone That Loves America

I rarely re-print anyone's work in whole cloth, but in my view, literally every American should read this.
Excellent work WAR...you're speaking exactly to the angst in America. And yes, Trump should hire you as his only PR guy and speechwriter. Just one man's views...
This Should be Trump's Answer When Asked "Is Obama a Muslim?"

By Wayne Allyn Root 

Donald Trump is now being asked "Is Obama a Muslim?" I have a few answers for him.
First, why does it matter? Obama is destroying America, American exceptionalism, middle class jobs, and America's respect and standing all over the world.  Whether he's a Muslim or Christian is meaningless. The real question is "How Do We Make America Great Again?"

How do we pay off $18 trillion in debt before it implodes the US economy? How do we create an economy offering something besides low-wage, part-time jobs? How do we save the middle class from Obamacare's doubling and tripling of health insurance premiums? How do we save the world from Muslim radicals?
Whether Obama is a Muslim or Christian won't solve any of the disasters he has so deftly put into motion.

Secondly, although Obama claims to be a Christian, it's certainly not dumb or ignorant to wonder if he's telling the truth. After all, he has a history of lying with impunity about so many things.  

He looked the American people in the eye and lied when he swore "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." At the moment Obama made that promise he was lying. Internal White House documents reported that 93 million Americans would lose their plans.

And, he promised Obamacare would reduce the cost of health insurance premiums. Wrong.

And, he promised Obamacare would reduce the deficit. Wrong. The CBO has walked that line back.

And, he promised "Obamacare will create 4 million jobs." Off by 6.5 million jobs in the wrong direction. 

He lied about all of it.

Then there were his lies about Benghazi...or do you still think it was a spontaneous uprising based on a movie no one ever saw? The facts prove it was known to Obama as a terrorist attack at the moment that he announced it as a protest based on a movie offensive to Islam.

Obama lied about the IRS scandal. It's not small...it wasn't a mistake...it wasn't based in one office in Cincinnati. If you believe either Obama or one of his political operatives wasn't giving the orders to persecute conservative groups and critics (like me), I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Obama called Bush "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to the national debt and promised to cut the debt in half during his first term.
This was such an audacious lie that once in office Obama never mentioned it again and instead added triple the debt of Bush ($12 trillion) and more debt than all the Presidents in US history COMBINED by the time he leaves office.

Third, Christianity includes a broad range of religious beliefs and practices. Obama chose to attend a church in Chicago where he followed, befriended, and looked to its minister, Jeremiah Wright, as a spiritual advisor. This is the same Jeremiah Wright who preached hatred for America, white people, Jews and Israel... and screamed "God damn America" to his congregation. 

Most American's would call such a church led by someone like Jeremiah Wright a cult, and his followers (as a best case scenario) weird, bizarre, radical, America-hating Christians.

Fourth, my blue-collar butcher father had great common sense. He always said "Actions speak louder than words."

Let's look at just a few of Obama's actions:

There is a worldwide war on Christians. Christians are being persecuted and murdered. Not only does Obama say and do nothing, he has taken numerous actions (the Iranian Nuclear Deal being the most obvious), that directly put Christians (as well as Jews) in more danger. Strange behavior for an American president, whether Christian or not.

Why does Obama refuse to use the words "Muslim" and "terrorist" in the same sentence? 
He refuses to even admit that ISIS is a Muslim group even though their name stands for "Islamic State." 

Obama has quietly imported over 250,000 Muslim immigrants into America per year during his presidency.

How many are terrorists? How many want to live under Shariah law? How many are on welfare, thereby overwhelming our system?

Obama claims we're winning the war against ISIS, when the facts show we are losing. 

He appears to be purposely doing nothing and buying ISIS valuable time to grow stronger. Soon they will be impossible to stop.

One Muslim boy was offended by his teachers and Obama immediately invited him to the White House. 

Has any child of a police officer murdered in the line of duty, or the child of any of the U.S. soldiers murdered by a Muslim at Ft Hood ever been invited to the White House?

When American heroes were shot by a Muslim terrorist in Tennessee, why did Obama refuse for almost a week to lower the White House flag to half staff?

With Iran, Obama agreed to the single most pathetic and dangerous treaty in American history...a treaty that lets a terrorist state monitor itself.

A treaty that gives a terrorist state a massive $150 billion reward that will be used to support Islamic terrorism all over the world...and kill Americans. A treaty filled with secret agreements Obama won't even show US Senators. A treaty that left behind four US prisoners.  He then re-wrote the rules of the Constitution that require the support of 2/3rds of Congress to ratify any treaty.

Even those Americans who are unwilling to admit they were wrong with their votes in 2008 and 2012, and want to keep their heads buried in the sand, must admit that this is bizarre behavior for an American President, even one who is a member of a bizarre, radical Christian cult.

So...Donald Trump's answer should be...

With friends like Obama, Christians don't need enemies.



VRA Alert: Market Reversal Likely - Ugly Technicals, Pullback Coming

Good Friday morning all. The FED's news came in with a bang and went out with a whimper...now it's time for a correction from the near 1300 point move higher in the Dow since 8/24.

Important Point: I am not looking for a retest move to those 8/24 lows. However, I would not be surprised to see the market give up half of that amount.

In addition to continuing uncertainty about the FED, and their moves going forward, the market looks to be facing several new risks, directly ahead.

1) we are STILL in the risk-filled September/October time frame...fireworks are common, each year.

2) With Congress about to come back into session, the likelihood of something stupid coming out of DC is high, with talk of a government shutdown very real...again.

3) If you've been following the news out of Syria and the Middle East, then you know that the US has boots on the ground in Syria. And, Russia has taken over a Syrian airport and sources indicate that they have moved attack helicopters and forces, essentially staging a forward base. Should Russia attempt any move similar to their actions in Ukraine, this could very quickly devolve into military escalation.

Finally, consider the S&P 500 chart below. In addition to the one that I sent yesterday, this one breaks down an ascending wedge that has formed...these are bearish technical formations, and when combined with the 4 technical points from yesterdays chart, not to mention the fact that we remain well under the 200 day moving average, downside risk is upon us...

Here's the chart...

Until next time, make it a great Friday...



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VRA Update: Should We Stay or Should We Go? 

As I wrote last week, with less than 3/4 of traders expecting the FED to raise rates on Thursday, the risk in the markets is clearly to the downside. 

It's exactly this kind of scenario that beckons all card carrying contrarians to ask the obvious question; should we act with the majority... those expecting the FED to stand pat...or should we take the flip-side of the majority view, sell everything and then go 100% short stocks? Should we stay or should we go?

As uncomfortable as this makes me, everything that I see tells me that there is little chance that the FED acts to increase rates. Instead, this is the most likely scenario that I see playing out. I'll go out on a limb and assign an 80% probability to the following, when the FED announces that they are NOT raising rates:

1) The FED will announce that they will break protocol and will meet again in October (their next scheduled meeting is in November, as they meet every other month). The "hint" being that they may raise rates in 30 days. The drama continues...just as these self-appointed, financial masters of the universe, prefer it. 

2) In their official statement, the FED will announce their reasons for waiting to move; which will highlight a) recent domestic and international (China) volatility/weakness, and the forward affect on US GDP b) continuing slack with inflation expectations, c) US dollar strength d) ongoing destruction in oil (commodity) prices and resulting job losses, and finally e) US wage growth, which continues to lag.

3) The FED will be lambasted widely for the spectacle of it all...just as they should be. Central banks have taken complete control of every sector of the global economy. They can pretend all they want that their desire is to return to a "normalized" interest rate environment, but it's exactly their previous actions of the past 7 years that make this desire impossible to achieve. 

4) Finally, regardless of what the FED does, we will see a massive "relief rally" following the news. Importantly, should the FED raise rates, this rally will only kick in once the initial fall-out is over. At most, I see a decline back to the 8/24 lows, but quiet likely, not to that extent. 

Should the FED keep rates unchanged, as I expect, the relief rally will begin immediately, with gains of 500 points + in minutes...followed by add-on gains in the next 1-2 days. 

This is as "on the record" as I can be. And no, you will almost certainly not find these kinds of exact and specific predictions elsewhere. If I am wrong, our portfolios will take an immediate hit...there's little doubt about that. Either way, I encourage everyone to keep some powder dry...because the trading opportunities following the FED news should be "special". 

To add credence to my precious FED predictions, there’s a very interesting article in the WSJ this morning about central banks that have increased rates since 2008. More than a dozen central banks have raised rates, only to have to reverse course and then cut them again aggressively…with each now being far below the initial interest rate level where they first raised rates.

But this is the most important point that I could make, regarding the FEDs decision on rates; the Bernake and Yellen FED is the most market & politically driven FED that we have seen...certainly in our lifetimes, if not all time. It's for this reason, above all, that I expect the FED to keep rates unchanged. 

Let's keep some powder dry…gonna be an interesting week. 

VRA Must Read: If the Market Crashes, The FED Will Have Blood on Their Hands

Sep 09, 2015

VRA Must Read: If the Market Crashes, The FED Will Have Blood on Their Hands

Must Read for All Active Investors...For These Two Reasons:

1) If the Market Crashes, the FED Will Have Blood on Their Hands

2) Regardless of What Happens, THIS is the Exact Environment the VRA Was Made For...We'll Continue to Beat the Markets Handily Either Way

I'll Explain Both (briefly) Below:

First, make NO mistake about this; there's only ONE reason that the stock market...both in the US and globally...is dropping 3% one day, rising 3% the next day, and then dropping 2% the next day. That reason is THE FEDERAL RESERVE, led by her highness, Janet Yellen.

As I wrote this morning, I see NO WAY that the FED can raise rates in this environment....NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SEES ANY WAY THE FED CAN RAISE RATES IN THIS ENVIRONMENT!


Following stability in global markets on Monday and Tuesday, US markets had a very strong and stable Tuesday here, ending with nearly 400 points in Dow Jones gains.

That was followed by massive gains in Asia overnight, then in Europe this morning, and finally with a strong US opening in stocks here of close to 200 points.

Finally...stability and resolution seemed on its way...normality was returning. But that all changed with an obscure economic report at mid-day today...the JOLT report showed that job openings had reached a multi-year high here in the states, and once again, the FED's lack of clarity seemed to open the door to an actual rate rise at the end of next week. US markets reversed course promptly, from gains of 1% to Dow losses of 240 points by the close. Does anyone actually want to risk their hard earned money in this kind of risk filled environment?? Not no, but HELL NO. And they wonder why the individual investor is leaving the market in droves...

I'm willing to give this FED a "bit" of room to run...but only because they have not actually acted to increase interest rates. However, should they act next week, and raise rates for the first time in more than 9 years, no one should be surprised if the markets crash...because that could very quickly become our global reality. 

Having said this, I still see NO WAY that the FED will raise rates. But here's what I have no clue of; why haven't they already announced that a rate increase is off the table?? It's exactly what they "should" do...not only would the markets have instant stability, but if they took the further step to then say that no rate increase would take place until 2016, both stock markets globally...but more importantly, economic situations globally....would be able to find their footing and put to rest this central bank fed insanity.

Will the FED take these actions? Of course not. Why not? Incredibly, because these high profile, pseudo masters of the financial universe, have fallen in love with the celebrity of it all. 

Second, Regardless of What Happens, THIS is the Exact Environment the VRA Was Made For

Going forward, we may have to be more nimble than most would prefer to be, but know this; it's this exact environment where the VRA shines. Whether the market is rising or falling, we can and will make money in either direction...I can say this with confidence because its exactly what I've done for more than 12 years...and there are thousands of VRA Subscribers that can attest to exactly this. Sure, I would rather make money in a normal, rising environment, but we don't always get what we want...I learned this long ago, along with the perfect strategies to make money in a falling market.

Until next time, stay frosty...we'll be ready regardless